Half a Dozen Ways to Streamline Daily Tasks

The following post is from Becky of Clean Mama:

source: Ella’s Kitchen Company Limited

There are a couple rules that are popular in the organizing world.  Take it out, put it away; touch it once, make sure everything has a home; only keep what you love….  My favorite is the ‘touch it once’ rule.  The first time I remember hearing about this rule was when I read Cheaper By the Dozen in elementary school.   The true story details the life of a family with 12 children whose father  happened to be an efficiency expert.  One of his rules to help manage his busy home was derived from the touch it once rule.  Even though this story took place over 50 years ago, the rule of touch it once can still be applied in our homes today.


Designate a basket to put kid stuff in as you find it laying around the house – you’ve touched it once when you put it in the basket or bin. Then, your kids can take the basket and put the miscellaneous stuff away.


Quickly separate mail and toss junk mail right away.Open bills and put them in a bill paying spot. Anything that needs attention later, put in a mail storage spot.   I sort out junk mail before I even get back into the house from my trip to the mailbox. Then.  it goes straight in the recycling can in the garage.


Try to zero out your email as you receive it – create folders for categories and instead of keeping emails in your inbox, put it into the correct category.  For example, have family and friends  category, coupon + savings codes, business, financial, etc.    Now if you need to look back at an email, you aren’t sorting through hundreds of emails to find the right one. You simply open up the category and locate the email.


Regardless of if you do a load every day or once a week,  putting your laundry away right away follows the touch it once rule.  Have hangers handy as you’re folding clothes so you eliminate the step of hanging clothes up in the closet.


Don’t stack dirty dishes, rinse and put in the dishwasher or hand wash.  If you need to stack them because your dishwasher is running or needing to be emptied, rinse and stack so they can be put right into the dishwasher.


Get your family in the habit of bringing everything (that needs to be in the house) back in the house with you.  Have a trash bag or container that all car trash can go in, then throw all the trash away after every car ride.

What are you already doing that uses this principal?

Becky is a self-proclaimed clean freak and list maker. She is a work-at-home mom to three little ones, and in her spare time she enjoys sharing her cleaning and organizing tricks and tips on her blog, Clean Mama and through her Etsy Shop, Clean Mama Printables.