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Handmade Christmas bows {101 Days of Christmas}

Handmade Christmas Bows

My mom has been making handmade bows for as long as I can remember—bows for the tree and banister, bows for packages, bows for wreaths. When we were at her house at Thanksgiving, I decided to snap some pictures of the process so I could share them with you as well!

How to make big handmade Christmas bows

  • wired ribbon in 2-4 different colors/patterns*
  • floral wire

*The width of your ribbon will help determine the size of your bow. This ribbon was 2″ wide and made fairly big bows, but you could do the same thing with thin ribbon to make small bows for gifts or ornaments.


Layer the ends of your ribbon together, making sure they’re all facing the same direction (especially important for ribbon with a “right” and “wrong” side).

Leaving 3-4″ extra ribbon at the beginning, begin folding the ribbon back and forth. Note: In the second image we wrapped wire around the first couple of loops just to be able to show you how they were layered; you don’t need to do that just yet.

Continue folding the ribbon back and forth until you’ve used the whole spool or you’re satisfied with the number of loops (at least 5-6 on each side).

Tightly twist floral wire around the middle of the loops to hold them in place.

Take the top ribbon from the end you left as extra in the beginning and it loop it over the wires. Thread the wire back through again, twisting it tightly to hold the loop in place.

Begin separating and fluffing all of the individual ribbon loops, spreading them out as you go.

Once you’re happy with the shape of the bow, attach it to your tree, banister or gift!

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