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Healthy Things to Add to Your Daily Routine

Who doesn’t strive to be a healthier, more mindful individual? Self-love and care are at the forefront of everyone’s minds, and with good reason. The world is changing, and while the growth phase may seem painful at times, hopefully, we come out on the other side in a more positive, empathetic global situation. Still, we’re in the growth phase now, and things can seem overwhelming at times; no matter where you are in your healthy habits in your daily routines, there’s always room for improvement. Let’s look at some easy things to add to our routines to feel better mentally and physically. 

Get Your Greens In 

No matter how nutritious people may feel like they eat, the reality is, you’re probably not consuming as many fruits and vegetables as you need to be. Easy ways to get your greens in are incorporating a smoothie full of healthy cruciferous greens into your daily meal rotation. You also should opt for more nutritious snacks like fruits and salads – this is so easy because you can get creative! Think fruit kabobs, parfaits, and making your ice cream from frozen bananas – vegan and delicious. 

And, where you need to, supplement with things like spirulina and chlorophyll to be heaktgt. Another thing about chlorophyll, with its ability to help with body odor, you can choose to ditch deodorant altogether. And, as we all know, most deodorants are full of harmful chemicals, and natural alternatives don’t work for everyone. Yay chlorophyll!

Daily Meditation and Prayer 

No matter where you stand on the spiritual spectrum, incorporating the daily practice of centering and calming your mind packs nothing but beneficial punches. Make it a priority to find time every single day to spend time alone, quietly, and focus on your prayers or meditations. These types of exercises are beneficial not only for your emotional wellbeing; mastering them makes dealing with everyday stresses a breeze, and that in turn benefits your physical health – stress is a true killer. 

Honor The Body You’re In

Everybody is beautiful, so it’s not about dieting or working out to achieve some ideal physique because there is no set ideal. But, it is crucial to take care of the body and skin you’re in. Ensuring you keep up with proper grooming habits and physical movement to make sure you’re flexible and comfortable in your form is vital. It would be best to consider using more natural products when it comes to what you use on your body. This is especially important when you have a skin type that demands sensitive skincare products

You can also honor your body by making sure that you keep all routine appointments with your dentist, dermatologist, GP, therapist, and naturopath; you get the idea. Maintaining proper maintenance of your physical and mental health is a vital part of healthy habits and routines. If you’re late for that pap smear, mammogram, or teeth cleaning, make the call to schedule today!

Limiting Consumption Is Key 

Consumption is multi-faceted, and we, as a human race, consume a lot. Limit your consumption of negative news and social media influences. Limit your consumption of products you don’t need. There’s a noticeable difference between buying a new set of measuring cups you need versus purchasing another pair of jeans when you already own ten. And of course, there’s the consumption of overly processed, nutritionally devoid food, which you should avoid at all cost. Pay the farmer now or the doctor later, your choice. 

Guard Your Circle 

circle of friends
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Who you choose to keep around you as part of your daily life and routine is hard to execute. A lot of us maintain friendships out of a sense of history or obligation to others. While forgiveness and empathy are traits we should all strive for, if someone is always a negative force in your life, it may be time to end that toxic relationship. You’ve heard the phrase – “If you lie down with dogs, you’ll wake up with fleas.” Well, think long and hard about that one and cut some times. It’s best to dialogue with the person, letting them know the impact of their behavior on you, maybe they can change, and it’s never a good feeling to have to ghost someone. But, just remember, you choose who you have in your life. Except perhaps when it comes to work, but if you’re doing your mindfulness exercises, hopefully, you’ll be able to leave work at work!

Maybe you’re doing all of these things already, and perhaps you haven’t started on a single one. Even if none of it is “news” to you, make a full-on commitment to do these things, and you will reap profound benefits. And don’t forget the all-in rule. If you do something 100%, you know that no matter the outcome of your efforts, you did the best you could, so there are no regrets. Here’s to your health!

Featured Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash