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Homeschooling: 5 Ways to Get Writing Help with Creative Ideas

Whether you are a high school student who is taught by either parents or online, it can be hard to get help on assignments because you aren’t likely to have any other classmates, except maybe your siblings, or adults to ask for help, other than your parents. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a helpful list of suggestions that you can use to get help with your writing assignments.

1. Tutor

Tutor for creative writing

Hiring a tutor, either online or a face-to-face one, can be a great way to get writing help. This way, you have a real person giving you advice in real time. They can answer all of your questions, which makes for personalized help. You can find tutors in your hometown.

The pros of having a tutor to help you are that you can get personalized help, help in real time, and you can find a tutor to suit your needs. The only real cons are that you may have to schedule a tutoring appointment at an odd time and they may be more expensive than you would like them to be.

2. Writing Services

If you are unsure how to begin a writing project, you can use an online writing service. These writing services sell quality academic papers for all high school and college classes. While it’s not a great idea to try to pass off one of these articles as your own, but if you cite the essay as a source and simply use ideas for it, you aren’t likely to get in trouble for plagiarism.

By buying an essay online, you can get creative writing or essay topic ideas, learn how to structure your essay, and get resources. As an added bonus, buying an essay from an essay writing service also helps to save time, allowing you to have more time to work on other projects. The only cons are that you have to pay for a quality essay and if you are not careful (if you forget to cite your sources, if you copy and paste parts of the essay, or if you turn in the essay as your own), then you are likely to get in trouble for plagiarism.

3. Prompt Generators

Using a prompt generator online is a great way to get creative ideas for fiction writing. This will be most useful when you need to write short fiction stories for English classes. Below is a list of some helpful prompt generator and prompt websites for both fiction stories and essay topics.

  • Short Story Plot Generator 
  • Essay Topic Generator 
  • Creative Nonfiction Prompts 
  • Poem Idea Generator

One of the biggest pros of prompt generators and websites is that they are 100% free. By using these websites, you can find a great topic for your creative writing project and even for essays. The con is that you are not likely to get a great topic on the first try, so you will likely need to use the generator more than once to find an idea that suits your needs.

Resource Books

The rest of the items in this article are some helpful resource books that may be able to help you get creative ideas for your projects, teach you how to use grammar correctly, and more. All of the books on this list are for sale on Amazon. The biggest pro for all of these books is that you can use them as often as you want and you can even cite them in your essays! The con is that all of the books cost money. Luckily, you won’t need to wait for the books to come in the mail (unless you prefer hard copies) as the books in this list are all available for purchase on Kindles.

Creative Writing 101: Lessons from an Innovative Classroom by Stuart Albright

Stuart Albright is a college creative writing professor, making this book a helpful resource for high school, homeschooled, and college students alike! This book gives tips on how to become a better creative writer, which is a great thing to be if you are taking any English classes. One of best benefits of this book is that it comes with over fifty activities, so you can practice what you learn in the book.

This book is $2.99 to buy for a Kindle and $8.99 to buy it in a new paperback form.

McGraw-Hill Handbook of English Grammar and Usage by Mark Lester

If you are struggling with grammar or spelling, then this book is sure to be able to help. This book is full of every grammar rule you can think of, as well as examples of how to implement these rules in your own writing. This book also works for high school, homeschooled, and college students. To use this book, simply flip to the section you need and follow the examples. This is a great tool to use while editing your assignments, whether they are fiction or nonfiction. After all, grammar is the same for all essays and stories.

This book is available for purchase on Kindles for $9.99. New books are about $14, and used copies can be as cheap as $4.

We hope this list of resources can help you get all of the help you need in your writing, even if you are homeschooled! If you are not homeschooled, then these resources are still sure to be of some help. Good luck with your writing!

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