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The Power of Honey’s Sweet Benefits

The Power of Honey’s Sweet Benefits

When I think about honey, I remember my grandmother sitting on the back porch in the morning sipping on her morning cup of tea. I found it odd at the time she always had a jar of honey with her. She would add one teaspoon in her cup; it is genuinely a sweet memory. I remember one day asking her why she always used honey; her reply was, “because it’s good for you.” At the time, I never understood how something so sweet could be so good for you. It turns out she was right, like most things. With honey’s sweet benefits, you could say that honey is nature’s healthy medicine. 

Honey will help with your allergies, a cough, help you sleep, it is antimicrobial, and will give you a boost of energy. I came across some honey from Bee K’onscios. I was so excited about their bundle pack with Montana clover, California sage, and Brazilian cipo uva. It was exciting to find a honey that has a hint of a savory—the clover and sage were perfect for my homemade salad dressing and sauces. I never thought I would be a fan of honey because of the sweetness. It turns out that I am, and I highly recommend Bee K’onscios for your cup of tea in the morning, salad dressing with lunch, and excellent honey sauce for dinner. I wish my grandmother were around to try it with me; I know she would have enjoyed them.

If you are like me and love the sweetness that honey adds to the various foods and drinks I make, let’s explore how honey is good for your health, giving even more reasons to use it while cooking.  

Honey’s sweet benefits

1. Antimicrobials properties

Honey has many properties that are effective in helping our body fight many ailments. Research has shown raw honey fights unwanted bacteria and fungus in the body. It has many natural properties that act in a similar way to hydrogen peroxide, an antiseptic. The effectiveness depends on the kind of honey being used, as there are many types of honey bees and the types of flowers they are pollinating with. 

Another critical way honey helps with Antimicrobials is the presence of the compound Phytonutrients. This compound is found in plants and helps protect the plant from harm. In the case of honey, the phytonutrients are responsible for its antioxidant properties. Many researchers believe this is the reason raw honey has shown immune-boosting benefits

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2. Cure for a cough or sore throat

A spoonful of honey is recognized to soothe a sore throat and help repress a cough. Many moms will put honey in hot tea with lemon; the honey works as a cough suppressant. Honey has properties that act similar to dextromethorphan, which is a common ingredient in over-the-counter cough medication. Putting a teaspoon or two of honey in your tea will provide the same benefits as the over-the-counter medicine.

3. Allergies

The effectiveness of honey on allergies is in dispute; some studies state that it has no effect, while others say that in higher quantities, it can be effective. The thought is local honey is produced by the bees ingesting local pollen. This is similar to getting allergy shots, where they are putting a little of the pollen in the shot to help your body build up immunity. Honey is thought to work in the same manner building up a tolerance to the sensitivity to the pollen over time. This build-up of pollen in your system may result in fewer seasonal allergy symptoms.

4. Help you sleep

Taking a teaspoon of honey before bedtime helps the natural sugars slightly raise your insulin levels; this allows tryptophan to enter the brain. As you may recall, tryptophan is found in Turkey, which is why we get a little sleepy after eating Thanksgiving dinner. You can ingest the honey in your tea or on some food or straight. Just make sure to use raw honey, as the process of pasteurized honey kills all the vitamins and nutrients that help your body. 

5. Boost of energy

Honey is an all-natural energy boost; it enters the bloodstream delivering a quick boost of energy. The fructose and glucose within the raw honey are what is boosting your energy. Why not take honey instead of that energy drink? 


Try using honey today to receive some of honey’s sweet benefits. Why not give raw honey a try instead of putting those unnatural chemicals in your body, plus it tastes great. Honey has superpowers that contribute many whole-body benefits without the side effects. This healthy natural sweetener offers many nutritional benefits depending on its variety.  Find recipes that call for honey to find great new healthy snakes to make.