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Honoring the Man They Call Daddy: More Meals Fit for a King

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honoring the man they call daddy

In the five weeks leading up to Father’s Day, I will be participating with four other bloggers in a series called Honoring the Man They Call Daddy.

This week, we’re sharing “meals fit for a king” with some of our favorite man-food recipes. This is a lot more than your stereotypical meat and potatoes, as you probably noticed from my post earlier this week!

Meal Planning to Please the Guys

From Good (Cheap) Eats:

source: Good (Cheap) Eats

I live in a house of men. Though I have two young daughters, I also have four sons and one husband. Meal planning with my guys in mind is not difficult, but it’s different than if I were just planning for me and the girls.

While most of the FishFam likes a variety of foods, there are some techniques that help some weeks be more successful than others when it comes to meal planning.

1. Have plenty.

It goes without saying, that four sons, aged 7 to 13, have voracious appetites. Gone are the days when one cup of rice or one pound of pasta would satisfy our family. So, planning enough is key to a meal going over well. While I try to offer a protein, starch, and plenty of vegetables, sometimes they are still hungry. That’s where side dishes, like corn bread or biscuits come in handy. The boys and hubs can fill the empty spaces with these breads that I often make with whole grains to make more filling.

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A Meal for MY King

From JessieLeigh at Parenting Miracles:

Meals fit for a king.  Man fare.  Whatever you call it, there are meals that we often associate with the hearty, robust appetites of our male counterparts.  Meat and taters.  Gravy.  Bacon… lots and lots of bacon.  These are foods that almost scream, “MAN!”   And, like all good stereotypes, there’s a reason we think of a happy, satisfied man when we hear those items mentioned: they make lots of men happy.  Good to know.

But does it matter?  Only if you’re married to one of those guys.

A meal fit for a king in your home needs to be a meal that pleases and satisfies the king of YOUR castle… no one else’s.  If your husband loves a big, leafy salad, then that’s man fare in your home.  If he prefers fish to steak, then that’s all that matters.

There a few things that pretty much guarantee a successful meal with my husband.  Bacon, alfredo sauce, swiss cheese, or crab go a long way to making a meal a success around here.  My ever-present desserts don’t hurt either.

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Spicy Slowcooker Jambalaya

From Feels Like Home:

In my house, Food Fit for a King means one thing.


Joe loves seafood. Crabs, scallops, clams, shrimp, and fish. He loves it all.

In preparing to write this post, I asked him what I could make him for a special Father’s Day feast.

“Uh, I dunno,” he answered.

Every single time I asked.

Then I remembered that Joe likes jambalaya. There is a restaurant here that serves a spicy jambalaya over rice, and it is the only thing Joe ever eats there. He savors every bite, and he always saves half of it for later.


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Honoring Daddy with Man Food

From Amy at The Finer Things in Life:

source: The Finer Things in Life

We all know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right?  That’s what I tell myself, anyway, as I slave away in the kitchen preparing meat and potatoes dishes that’ll stick to his ribs.  The food is good, and he does appreciate it, but what my man really wants is time with me out of the kitchen.

Honestly, if given the choice of a delicious full-course meal with a lot of prep (and dishes), or a bag of chips and salsa with me by his side, he’d pick the chips and salsa. After the kids are in bed.  And ice cream for dessert.  ;) I have to remind myself often that the way I want to show my love for him isn’t necessarily the way he wants to receive it.  In order to fully honor my husband, I need to respect his Love Language.

Man can’t live on chips and salsa alone, though, so one way I love on my husband is to cook him the food he enjoys.

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Be sure to tune in next as we talk about making your home an inviting, relaxing place for your hubby!

What are your man’s favorite recipes?