Honoring the Man They Call Daddy: The Gift That Matters Most (+ Giveaway)

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my husband rocks from union28
modeling my "My Husband Rocks" t-shirt from Union28

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As we approach Father’s Day, I am be participating with four other bloggers in a series called Honoring the Man They Call Daddy.

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On Tuesday, I shared four ways you can give the gift of yourself to your husband this Father’s Day. Writing that post really got me thinking about the ways I’m honoring and loving my husband, and I’m trying to be a lot more intentional in giving him my time, attention, focus and respect.

Amy, Jessica and JessieLeigh also shared their thoughts this week. I don’t know about you all, but I’ve been convicted by a lot of what these ladies have had to say during this series, and this topic was no exception:

Honoring Daddy with the Gift of You

From Amy @ The Finer Things in Life:

When I asked him what he wanted for Father’s Day, my husband wanted time with me.

As I work hard to prepare his favorite foods, I need to keep in mind that he’d almost always prefer a quick sandwich and extra minutes with me.

Readying our home for his return each day is as easy as making sure I’m dressed with a smile.

According to my man, the only detail that matters in date night is that he gets to spend it with a happy me.

There’s a recurring theme here, I do believe.  My husband would give up an awful lot, save for time with me.  A happy me.  An unfrazzled me.   An undistracted me.

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Marriage & Simply Being Together

From Jessica @ Life as Mom:

just being together
source: Life as Mom

I am no expert on marriage. But, thankfully, I’ve spent the last 16 years married to Mr. Right-for-Me. It hasn’t been all fun and games. There have been rough times. We’ve been hacking a life together in the jungle.

But, whoever wrote those traditional marriage vows knew what he was saying: for richer, for poorer, in sickness, and in health. Indeed, it’s reassuring to know that someone’s got your back when times are tough — as well as when times are good.

Looking back over the years, I know that many of the hard times were the ones that strengthened our marriage. I know this is a gift. Not every marriage fares as well. I am mindful of that and very thankful.

And I continue to learn new things about my husband, each and every day.

Being Together

One important thing I’ve realized over time is that simply being together is vital to our marriage, to our friendship, to our sense of intimacy with one another. If we go too long without really talking and connecting with one another, there isn’t the sense of unity that we enjoy so much.

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Preparing Myself to Honor My Husband

From JessieLeigh @ Parenting Miracles:

I could spend all day making sure my house is a welcoming haven.  I could make sure all the details are in place for a great at-home date.  I could have his favorite meal simmering away upon his arrival home.  All of it counts for nothing if my heart isn’t prepared for him.

Far and away, the most important way I honor my husband is displayed in how I prepare and present, not my house, but myself.  Here are a few of my thoughts on how I can do a better job making sure my mind and heart are where they need to be as I set off trying to be the best wife I can be…

Getting Dolled Up

My husband dons a shirt and tie every day to show professionalism and inspire respect as he goes about his job.  While there is absolutely no need for me to be wearing fancy dresses or suits as I set about this SAHM gig, what am I saying when I don’t spend even a moment on my dress and presentation?  What message does it give the people I love most if the best I can muster is pajama pants and an old t-shirt?

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