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Why Moms Need To Learn To Quit

The following post is from Kat of Inspired To Action:

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Yesterday, Lisa talked about the difference between quitting and being a quitter, but this isn’t just a lesson for business; it’s something that affects us as mothers too:

Moms are notorious overachievers. We have an inner drive to do the best we can for our children (and everyone else in the world). And that’s a good thing. Usually.

But, occasionally, we need to harness the lost art of quitting.

Have you ever committed to something that became a thorn in your side all year long? Have you ever taken on something you thought would be a blessing but felt much more like a curse? Have you ever worked so hard at something that it negatively affected your health or your family?

Rethinking Quitting

Quitting is seen as a bad thing, and, in many cases, rightly so. We should do our best to fulfill our responsibilities and commitments. There are things that require us to white knuckle through the good and the bad and never quit. Motherhood is one of those things.

But being the neighborhood bake sale chairwoman for the 3rd torturous year in a row, is not.

How To Know When To Quit

1. Is it negatively affecting your health?

2. Is it negatively affecting your relationships?

3. Can someone else do the job better and more happily?

4. Are you quitting because it’s hard or because it is best?

Blame It On Your Plan

Ultimately, we can “think” ourselves into or out of just about any situation. We need to determine how much time we have weekly or monthly to devote to extra activities. Make a plan for your year. Every opportunity that comes your way needs to be evaluated against your available time and your plan. This will keep you from saying an “impulsive yes” and it will give you a clear reason to say no, “Thank you, but this doesn’t fit into my goals or my schedule for this year.”

It’s important that we model discernment and balance for our children. The more we stretch ourselves and our time the more we dilute our impact.

Have you evaluated your responsibilities lately? Is it time to change things up?

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