Tsh Oxenreider | The Art of Simple:
“I celebrate everyday life by keeping my daily to-do list short. In fact, I’ve recently started the habit of also keeping a ‘to DON’T’ list, as a concrete way to remind myself to purposely not add things to my agenda that would otherwise crowd out the important by filling my day with urgent-feeling fluff. In doing this, I allow margin in my time—and it’s in that margin where I find whitespace and room to breathe. I’m giving myself permission to not do…. anything, really. I love doing nothing, and I love deciding on a whim how to make the everyday more special. Whether it’s lighting a candle, pouring myself a special drink, calling it a family movie night, or simply going for a walk, I’m able to better appreciate the celebration brought by the small, simple things in life because I’ve allowed a lot of margin in my day. A ‘to don’t’ list makes it possible for me.”

Andrea Dekker | AndreaDekker.com:
“With 3 children 3 and under, sometimes celebrating everyday life can seem almost impossible. And while I love my children dearly, I find myself silently celebrating at the end of every day when they are all finally asleep. That’s when I get to sit down for a bit, work on whatever I want to work on, take a nice hot shower, eat food without someone begging for a bite, talk to my husband without being interrupted 18 times, make tomorrow’s to-do list, relax, regroup, and recharge for another day. I made it through another 24-hour period and I will do it all again tomorrow. It might seem overly simple… but it’s worthcelebrating in my book.”

Crystal Paine | Money Saving Mom:
“I celebrate life in the every day by cherishing moments of joy, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. I strive to always find something to be thankful for as I go about my daily routine: hugs from my children, time with my husband, food on the table, a beautifully patterned coffee mug, fresh flowers from ALDI to brighten the house, sunshine coming in through the window, the smiles of my friends surrounding me.

I start my mornings with Bible reading and writing in my gratitude journal. This helps me have a positive outlook on the day as I celebrate the life that I have been blessed with. I also like to get my blood pumping early in the morning with a quick run, which helps me feel energized and appreciate how alive and healthy I feel.

I think it’s so important to constantly challenge myself to become a noticer of the good and wonderful things in life — no matter how big and small. Sometimes the burdens of life can feel heavy, but I find that seeking out and finding meaning in the tiny blessings throughout the day can profoundly change my outlook on life.”

Lisa Grace Byrne | Well Grounded Life:
“I celebrate every day through a little practice I began doing a few years ago. It’s really very simple. I find myself throughout the day saying (in my mind), ‘I love my life.’

At first, I remember intentionally reminding myself to bring that thought to mind in my day…but at this point I don’t even have to remind myself to say it anymore. It’s truly just a thought default that will come to mind throughout my day.

And, often, when I find myself saying, ‘I love my life,’ I begin to naturally pick out and go through what I’m grateful for.

Nothing complicated or forced. But, for me, it is a way of celebrating my life while I’m living it and staying in a place where I see my life through the filter of gratitude and awe and wonder- that I get to live this life that I truly love.

In fact, I hope this isn’t sounding too Pollyanna right now, but I’ll even find myself saying those words in the middle of moments when I’m really NOT loving life. Kids bickering, toddler melting down, workload feeling strained etc…those words sometimes pop into my head, and I find myself having the slightest little shift – like my perspective gets a little clearer, and even though I still might not be enjoying the moment, I soften a bit.”

Heidi Scovel | Mt. Hope Chronicles:
“Photography is my everyday go-to celebration tool. Taking pictures of random scenes, details, and moments as I move through my day helps me notice and appreciate simple details that I might have overlooked otherwise. I am able to turn the mundane into art that is an expression andcelebration of what is beautiful and important in my own life. In pictures, I can either crop out what is distracting, wearisome, or even soul-crushing and focus on what is lovely and inviting, or I can find the beauty in something difficult. Even if the photo is as simple as a quick Instagram picture, it gives me a chance to say ‘I see this precious gift of life and I’m thankful.'”

Meagan Francis | MeaganFrancis.com
“I have come to see our family’s life as being measured not in ‘moments that take your breath away,’ as the meme goes, but in those small, ordinary moments that are simply breathed in and out and could almost go unnoticed if you don’t make an effort to notice. A small hand in mine or the scent of garlic sauteeing on the stove might not be truly “breathtaking,” but the compilation of those moments are life itself. They’re just as worthy of notice as the more momentous occasions, and since they are happening around us at every moment, all the time, they’re much easier to grasp, appreciate, and store away in our hearts.”

Anne Bogel | Modern Mrs. Darcy:
“We celebrate small successes and achievements—not just the promotion, the contract, the major win, but the smaller day-to-day stuff too. For the adults, this might look like popping open a bottle of prosecco after the kids go to bed. For the kids—who also have their big and little wins and losses—it might look like a round of family high fives, a living room dance party, a special dessert, or driveway sparklers.

I also try to treat this life like I’m happy to be living it, and it helps me so much to reflect on this in my physical space. This looks like fresh flowers, pretty (but simple) decorations, and minimal clutter. Celebrating life in everyday moments means having a place that’s worth celebrating. For me, that doesn’t mean it has to be magazine worthy: it just means I don’t want the spaces I spend time in to be total disaster areas.”

Jamie Martin | Steady Mom & Simple Homeschool:
“Aside from simply trying to be present and savor the moments as they pass (which can be far from simple to do in those more difficult moments!!), I’ve set up our family’s homeschooling schedule so that Tuesdays can be a unique day in our week. I mentally give myself permission to do something different that day that can lead to memory making, whether it’s watching Anne of Green Gables in a viewing marathon, making homemade applesauce, baking pies, or going to a matinee at our small town movie theater. It’s one small step that has helped me celebrate life with my kids, instead of just rushing through what ‘must get done.'”

Stephanie Langford | EntreFamily:
“For me, it’s usually the little things, like pausing to take photos of the toddler tickling the baby to make him giggle, setting out a pretty candle at dinner time just because, calling up friends for a spur-of-the-moment water park rendezvous, or choosing to make animal-shaped pancakes with my crew even though I’m stressed and tempted to bury my nose in my computer.

When I say ‘yes’ to engaging and delighting in those little moments instead of the ‘no, maybe another time that’s usually on the tip of my tongue, I find life becomes more all-around celebratory, and even my ordinary days are transformed by bits of color and joy and sparkle that I could have so easily missed.”