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source: Hunter Desportes

How Does the National Debt Actually Affect Us?

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source: Hunter Desportes

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I am honored to be participating in a campaign with to raise awareness about the growing national debt.

Things won’t change in Congress until our representatives are convinced that their constituents are ready for a change, and the goal of this campaign is to raise public awareness about the debt and the ramifications of the current rate of growth.

This week, in preparation for a trip to D.C. next Tuesday — where we’ll be meeting with members of the media as well as members of Congress — I am going to be reading through the current national budget. You can download a copy of the 2011 budget here if you’re interested in taking a look for yourself.

Below is’s latest video. (You may need to click through to the original post to view the video if you’re reading this by email.)

I have some questions below to encourage conversation about the video and campaign, and I’d love if you’d watch and then chime in!

Do you think it’s true that most “Samanthas” are budgeting and spending wisely? Or do you think that Uncle Sam’s spending is an extension of personal finance practices in the U.S.?

Have you thought much about the national debt and how it affects generations to come? How will you prepare and teach your children to prepare for the future?

Have you read — or skimmed — the national budget? Do you think the government is overspending or simply doing their best to meet the needs of the country?

Do you think cutting “good” programs in favor of lowering the debt is a good idea? Or do you believe that cutting spending will just cause a different set of problems?

As I said in the comments of the last post, disagreements and different points of view are more than welcome. However, I’d ask that you use your name and a valid email address (which isn’t shared on the site but does show us that you’re willing to “stand behind” your comments) and be respectful in your response!