How Effective Is Your Calendar?

The following post is from Becky of Clean Mama:

source: Becky – Clean Mama

As we get ready to round out the year, let’s talk calendars, shall we?  Your productivity may rest on your calendar or maybe you don’t really use one.  Perhaps you use a planner with refills; maybe your favorite is the free one from your insurance agent or your local card store, the calendar on your phone, or a web version of a calendar.

 Regardless of how you take a peek at the day, week or month ahead, now is a great time to look at your calendar system.  Is your calendar helping you and your family plan ahead and remember special events? 

If you feel like your calendar is more of a hindrance than a help, here are a few tips and tricks to make your calendar work a little better for you:

  • WASHI TAPE – Hop on the washi tape bandwagon and mark off vacations or events that last longer than a day.  Alternatively, you could give different family members a color or pattern to keep track of everyone’s schedule.
  • STICKY NOTES – Use mini sticky notes or flags to make non-permanent reminders, or create a calendar on a dry-erase white board with the sticky notes in lieu of date boxes.
  • STICKERS – Use small stickers to mark events or to color code – small reward stickers work well.
  • MULTI-COLORED PENS – Assign a different color to every family member so everyone knows to look at the calendar for ‘their color’.  Or you could color code events – birthdays and anniversaries in red, school events in blue, etc.
  • HIGHLIGHTERS – Use highlighters to color code or to mark important events. Write in permanent pen so that the ink is smudge proof when you highlight over it.
  • PAPER CLIPS + BINDER CLIPS – Clip important paper papers to the corresponding month or day it’s needed or just use them to highlight or mark a special week or the current week.
  • PENCILS – If you feel like life is in constant flux, use pencil to mark your calendar.  Erase and make changes, keeping your dates ready for the next event.
  • DIGITAL IDEAS – Use a color-coding system for your meals, events, classes, etc.   Set up repeat events to save time.  If you know always make pizza or calzones on Friday nights, schedule that as an event that repeats every Friday for the year.

How do you make your calendar work for you and your family? 

Becky is a self-proclaimed clean freak and list maker. She is a work-at-home mom to three little ones, and in her spare time she enjoys sharing her cleaning and organizing tricks and tips on her blog, Clean Mama and through her Etsy Shop, Clean Mama Printables.