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How Important is Establishing Paternity in a Family Lawsuit?

Establishing paternity in a family lawsuit becomes essential because it carries plenty of benefits. Married couples make the most out of such issues. If the couple is not married and the child is out of wedlock, then that can raise issues in the future. Therefore, the blog will describe the importance of establishing paternity in family lawsuits. 

The Importance of Establishing Paternity In A Family Lawsuit

Establishing paternity in a family lawsuit helps protect the rights of the child and as well of the father. In our society, when a couple is seen with a child, it is assumed that the man and woman are their biological parents. Still, the situation becomes different when the couple is unmarried and the father approaches to be safe. Therefore, paternity establishment is sought for the following advantages:

Child Support 

The parent’s responsibility is to provide child support to facilitate their young ones with financial means. Once you establish paternity in the process, you will solidify that one of the parents is responsible for supporting the child in terms of upbringing, food, clothes, living, education, etc. 

You Get The Right To Legal Custody 

You must have seen a married couple fight over the child’s custody. Legal custody allows the parents to make crucial decisions in their child’s life. The decisions can be regarding where the child’s schooling will be and where they will receive medical care. 

If the father moves ahead to establish paternity, they acquire the position to have a say in how the child should be raised. They gain more rights in authority and involvement in what’s happening in their child’s life, and that’s something they didn’t have before the establishment.

You Get The Right To Physical Custody 

Children must spend time with both of their parents. Watching them grow up adds to the happiness because it brings an opportunity to develop and strengthen the relationship between the child and parents. Without paternity, fathers back out from fulfilling their responsibilities. However, after paternity results, the court instructs the father to be there for the child, and a specific time will be allotted to visit the children. 

However, suppose the father has a history of domestic violence or substance abuse, meaning that he has the habit of raising his hand or drinking alcohol. In that case, the court will not permit him to meet the child to keep it safe from the abuse. 

You Can Get Access To Medical History 

It is good to know about your family’s medical history and what illnesses are in your background. If a child is unsure who his biological father is, then it will be impossible for them to receive insights. A paternity agreement will clear the doubts and mention the father’s name, so the data will be with the mother and the child to see later. 

A Sense of Identity is Created 

The paternity establishment creates a sense of identity for the children that he has the support of his father. 

Establishing paternity offers many advantages for the father mainly. Therefore, they should come ahead to serve the purpose of protecting their rights. To navigate your family law case and the potential impact paternity could have, a qualified Phoenix family law attorney can provide the guidance you need.

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