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How Kaplan GRE Prep Can Help Parents Study During Their Busy Days

Pursuing graduate studies is an excellent way for parents to seek better employment opportunities. It will also improve their own and their family’s financial stability. Since most job seekers only have a college degree, a master’s or even a doctorate can become your advantage to stand out when seeking employment. If you already have a job, a postgraduate degree can also help you climb the professional ladder and earn higher positions in a company. But, before you can earn a postgraduate degree, you need to prepare for the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) first. The GRE is a standardized test that checks a student’s proficiency in analytical writing, critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and verbal reasoning. Studying for all these topics will come off easier when you use the Kaplan GRE prep course.

Aside from being the most well-known and established test prep company, Kaplan GRE prep course can also help parents through the following:

1. Offers Different Learning Platforms

The learning platform you choose to use when studying for the upcoming GRE is crucial. Choosing a platform that doesn’t suit your learning style won’t improve your GRE score. Studying in a traditional classroom setup with other aspiring graduate school students when you know that you’re better off with a private tutor will only impair your learning and waste a lot of your time.

Kaplan GRE prep course offers variety. This feature is very convenient for parents because they can choose a learning platform that allows them to easily and efficiently learn. These options guarantee productivity and optimal learning even during your busy days because you can choose from different learning environments.

You can choose from the following Kaplan GRE prep courses:

  • Private tutor: Studying with a private tutor can provide one-on-one instructions and tailored-fit study plans

Since your tutor will only focus on your progress, you can maximize every hour you spend studying for the GRE.

  • Live online prep course: For busy parents who don’t have the time to leave their homes, studying through a live online prep course is an excellent option. This learning platform allows you to enjoy the benefits of having a teacher without leaving the comforts of your home.

The live online prep course offered by Kaplan uses specific online platforms that allow you to raise concerns to your teacher and interact with other students.

  • Traditional classroom: Different people learn in different ways. If the energy of a traditional classroom setup excites you to learn more, choose a traditional classroom prep course offered by Kaplan.

This learning platform gives you access to work with GRE experts. You can also learn topics covered by the GRE in a very structured manner. Classroom courses are flexible, as these are available in different schedules and locations.

  • Study on your own: Parents who don’t have a fixed schedule can choose to study a Kaplan GRE prep course on their own. Kaplan GRE prep courses offer personalized plans, making it very easy for you to study on your own.

2. Uses Up-To-Date Content

There are actually a lot of free GRE prep courses online. Once you type in the keywords on your search engine, expect to see countless websites that’ll match your search.

Although convenient, the sources you can get online aren’t always up-to-date. Accessing these sources is usually free. It’ll be hard to find a business or individual who spends a lot of time to update the material without getting any money from it.

Studying using inaccurate and outdated materials for your GRE is a waste of time. It’ll not improve your actual scores. You’ll only invest your time and effort into an activity that’ll not bring any positive impact to your GRE. It will affect your chances of pursuing a postgraduate degree.

You won’t experience the same when you use Kaplan GRE prep courses. Expert trainers and product developers of this company continually update their content to ensure that aspiring graduate school students get the timeliest information possible.

3. Provides A Test-Like Environment


Most parents find it hard to use a computer. If they know how to use it, the activities they can do or the programs they can use is very limited. If you fit into this description, you’ll find it challenging to answer questions on your actual GRE.

The GRE is a computer adaptive test, which means that you should have the necessary skills to operate a computer. Consuming a lot of time in scrolling through pages will affect your GRE scores. You’ll have less than four hours to finish the exam.

The study materials provided by a Kaplan GRE prep course are given online. Practice tests and score assessments are also provided online. By using a Kaplan GRE prep course, you’ll expose yourself to a test-like environment, helping you maximize your time during the exam day.

Since you’ll experience a test-like environment and learn at the same time, a Kaplan GRE prep course utilizes your time better.  

Assess Your Scores

For you to maximize the Kaplan GRE prep course, don’t settle by merely taking practice tests. You should also assess your scores and determine which areas to improve. If your practice tests showed that you earned high scores in questions about critical thinking but performed poorly on quantitative reasoning, you could change your study habits to better focus on quantitative reasoning.

Auditing your practice test scores will also provide direction when studying, allowing you to make the most out of your time and effort!