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How Portable Monitors are Transforming the Remote Working Experience

Ever since the pandemic, most industries have been going fully remote. Besides the fact that this new work model fosters many benefits, it also increases productivity. But at the same time, the remote work environment has also been proven to have downsides. 

Look at it this way: One on end, you get to work from anywhere in the world, anytime, as long as you have your computer. But on the other end, you have to work without the big-screen monitor that used to be on your work desk. 

Fortunately, there’s a solution. Even without a work desk or enough workspace, the Mobile Pixels Glance portable monitor for laptop can help you do your work remotely while helping you with deskspace. 

But how? 

In this article, we’ll look at how portable monitors transform the remote working experience. 

What is the Glance portable monitor for laptop?

It is one of the many products from Mobile Pixels with certain unique qualities. The portable monitor gives you an extra screen that’s not directly attached to your laptop—almost like an external desk monitor that you can sync with your laptop. With this device, you can get a more extensive screen estate and do more work. 

Properties of the portable monitor

  1. Perfect visual experience: This product comes with a 16-inch 1080p monitor, which allows you to see everything in nothing but HD. The colors are vibrant and balanced, which is a plus for people who work with colors (e.g., graphic designers, video editors, photo editors, web developers, etc.)
  2. Adjustable viewing angle: Another feature is that you can switch the layout of your view from landscape to portrait. It will be helpful for programmers, data analysts, and others who work better with a vertical monitor. 
  3. Dual surround speakers: The device is also created with in-built speakers of its own, which means that you don’t need to rely on external gadgets for practical work—compact and functional.

So, how does the portable monitor transform the remote working experience?

Here are five quick ways the portable monitor for laptop can revolutionize your remote working model:

Increase in productivity

The number one thing that the portable external screen does is boost your productivity. Due to the extra screen space, you’ll be able to multi-task more effectively than before. While you can have your worksheet on your laptop, the external screen can help display the layout of your work. It is handy for creatives like web developers, graphic designers, photo editors, content writers, etc. 

Boost workspace flexibility

For those who are used to the big screen or dual screens, this device allows you to carry your office around. With the portable monitor, you can set up your ‘office’ anywhere you like and still have your second monitor with you. Since the screen is also very lightweight, it’ll be easy to take it with you on any trip. 

Improvement in ergonomics

It is common for people to develop eye, neck, and back strain while working on a laptop. The conventional laptop design is not situated at eye level for anyone, except you make changes to the height of our desk. However, as a remote worker, you’d know that the height of your desk is not always a controllable factor. But with the portable monitor, you can change the layout and position it at eye level, reducing strain on your neck and improving overall ergonomics.

Fosters on-the-go collaboration

You can also think of the extra screen as a portable projection screen. Since it syncs to your laptop, it’ll be beneficial for collaboration meetings with team members or even employee training. Whichever setup requires you to share your screen with another person (clients or colleagues), this portable screen is a great tool.

Increases comfortable display

The portable monitor, as aforementioned, has an impressive display and a large screen. It means that people who work as streamers, game editors, and other related fields would find this ‘keyboard-off’ device very useful. Since the monitor is also lightweight, users will have no trouble holding it at hand — which is stressful with a laptop.


The portable monitor might not be a standard tool for everyone, but it is a tool that every computer user needs. From students to freelancers, office workers, and even contractors—as long as you use a laptop, you’ll need a portable screen. The device will help you increase your work productivity, boost work flexibility, improve your ergonomics, help collaboration go smoothly, and it’ll make streaming much more manageable. So, why are you still waiting?