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How to Avoid Weight Gain This Holiday Season

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight. While losing extra pounds to feel, get in shape, and live healthier are top of most of our lists for the new year, avoiding harmful habits during the holidays can help you start one step ahead. Here are some excellent tips for staying healthy during the holidays and into the new year:

Choose Healthier Treats

Healthy Treats
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Thanks to recent trends, there are plenty of tasty and healthy treats. Enjoy the season without sacrificing all the delicious foods by opting for a healthier alternative when possible. It’s going to be hard to just say no to everything that might have a few unnecessary calories. However, if you fill in the gaps with healthier treats and holiday snacks, you’ll go a long way towards reducing your overall calorie intake.

Don’t Overindulge

Of all the ways to avoid adding on extra pounds and compromising good health, trying to resist all the tasty holiday goodies is probably the most difficult. Many of the more delicious holiday treats are packed with comfort calories. Gluttony is your body’s enemy, so tip one is to avoid it.

Consciously avoiding a tendency to overindulge too much of a good thing is important. Obviously, avoiding every delicious delicacy that makes the holidays special is unrealistic. However, limiting the amount you eat is a giant step towards avoiding the urgent need to lose a bunch of unhealthy weight.

Each party or dinner engagement you attend during the holidays will present a new challenge. While counting calories sort of takes all the fun out of the idea, reducing the number of comfort calories that you ingest is essential.

Set a treat limit for yourself. While this may take some willpower, after you get through one holiday gala, it will become easier. The idea is not to go humbug and avoid every tasty treat, but to guard against overindulging during holiday festivities.

Add a Little Activity

Walking for Health
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Rushing around during the holidays may seem like enough activity to burn away hundreds of extra calories. However, stress during the holiday season can actually inhibit the body’s natural calorie-burning machine.

It’s probably a given that you’re going to enjoy eating delicious holiday treats. One excellent tip for helping avoid packing on extra pounds is to add regular exercise into your daily routine.

Even when time gets tight during the holiday rush, it’s not terribly difficult to do a few things to improve our health. Unfortunately, the opposite is an all too common reality. We tend to forget about our fitness routines during the holiday hustle and bustle.

Parking lots are invariably full during the holiday season. One nice way to eat away at those extra calories is to stop trying to find the closest parking spot every place you go shopping. Parking spots that are farther away are easier to come by, plus you’ll add a little walking distance.

This might seem like a small step towards healthier holidays, but it can also translate into a trend you apply throughout the year. If you already exercise regularly, avoid changing your fitness routine over the holidays.

When your body gets accustomed to a certain amount of exercise and activity, suddenly shutting it off from these calorie-burning workouts is not good. Your body will instinctively try to hold on to extra calories and actually increase your tendency to gain weight.

Getting Started

If you aren’t already practicing a healthy lifestyle that incorporates exercise into it, starting before the holidays kick in is an outstanding idea. Take it slow and practice patience. However, beginning a plan to improve your health by increasing good activities automatically avoids having to make the panic choice come January.

Getting through the holidays without adding pounds of unhealthy extra weight can seem like a monumental challenge. However, it doesn’t need to be. Make a conscious effort to fit some healthier foods into your fun and festivities, plus avoid overindulging.

In addition, add a little activity to your holiday routine. Walk a few more steps and avoid changing your workout routine. In fact, adding an extra trip or two to the health club isn’t a bad idea either.

The ultimate goal of all these tips is to avoid having to make the dreaded New Year’s resolution to lose weight. If you practice these tips during the holidays, you may actually find yourself to be in better health as you kick off the new year.