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How to Bring Your Resume Up to Date Fast

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So, you created your resume years ago, and it worked every time you applied for a job opening. But over the years, you have noticed that it doesn’t work as well as it used to. The reason could be that your resume is outdated in design and format and could use some tweaking to bring it up to date. 

You do not have to worry if you have no clue how to go about it. This guide will give you ideas on all you need to do to ensure that your resume is up to date and recover its charm.

Use a Resume Builder

You may have been careful to update the contents of your resume as you advance in your career and gain more skills. However, updating your skills may not be all you need to make your resume appear appealing and up-to-date

It would be best to improve your resume’s outlook, including design, color, and format. Making such improvements can cost a lot if you depend on a freelance resume creator. But you do not have to spend much time or money to get a perfect resume. 

Using an online tool like ResumeBuild when updating a resume appearance can help give it a professional-looking resume irrespective of format. You only need to pick a template from the many available options, customize any of your desired pre-written resumes and download it. 

Add Resume Keywords

There probably was a real person sorting out the sent-in resumes the last time you sent your resume for a job opening. Things are slightly different now because most recruiters depend on automated applicant tracking systems (ATS) to shortlist candidates.

ATS depends on algorithms that scan for keywords to determine a good fit for a position. Keywords can be the words the recruiter uses in the job posting. 

A typical example of when keywords are used is if the job posting used words like self-driven, working under minimum supervision, or experience working in a specific setting. In such a case, you have to sprinkle such words throughout your resume because they are the words the ATS bots will be looking for. 

You have to be sure you don’t overdo it because a human recruiter will have the final say, and you should aim to impress them too.

Freshen Up the Header

Your resume header is what your recruiter sees first, so you will want to ensure it is catchy. If your resume has an old-fashioned text-only header, it could be time to update it with a modern and fresh header. However, be careful not to overdo the header because it can limit the recruiting bots’ ability to scan your resume. 

The design of your header can also be determined by the type of job you are applying for. For example, if you are seeking a position in a traditional industry, you will need a relatively simple but modern design. If you have to add color to the header, you will need to go with a conservative color, such as navy blue. 

If you are applying for a relatively informal job like graphic design, more colors, and a relatively fancy header can work in your favor.

Remove Fluff

If you have been adding newly acquired skills to the resume you worked with after college, it could get crowded or along with time. So, you may want to remove items that may not have any significance at your career level. Such items can include roles and skills that do not apply today. 

Also, remove phrases that could give you away as old school, such as “reference available on request.” In fact, you should not mention references anywhere unless asked to do so. The less crowded it is, the better. Always be honest, and don’t exaggerate regarding your experience. 

Typically, a resume should be one page long for individuals with less than ten years of experience. If you have more than ten years of relevant experience, then you can do more than one page. 

Featured Image by VIN JD from Pixabay