How to Capture a Screenshot and Why You Might Want To

The following post is from Angela of Homegrown Mom:

how to take a screenshot

There is fancy software available for capturing screenshots, but if all you need is a simple photo, you can do it easily and for free.

Let’s say I am putting together a sponsor kit for Blogging Your Way and I want to show where an advertiser’s ad would be placed. First, I open my browser to the page I’d like to feature, and then click “Print Screen.”

On most keyboards, this button is at the top with the function keys, and many times it’s labeled “prt sc.”

Next, open your favorite photo editing software and click “Paste.”

how to take a screenshot

From there, you can edit the photo as needed. I cropped mine and added an arrow, along with a “Your Ad Here” title. Don’t forget to resize the photo to save memory space. Then, simply save the image in whatever format you usually use. Now, you’re ready to post the image to your blog.

Easy, right?

What other things might you need a screenshot for?

Step-by-step directions for a certain software or website. Showing readers how to post to your new forum? Or maybe you’re doing a how-to edit photos post. Show details! Add numbers, arrows, circles, comments, and anything else you can think of while you’re at it.

To share charts and graphs with your readers. Perhaps your blog analytics are worth sharing. Sure anyone can say they have a million hits a month. The proof is in the pudding, er, the chart. You could edit out your personal information and show how your stocks plummeted. Or maybe you’re real brave and you want to show how your weight goes up and down over the course of a year. Use a screenshot from a legit website and, boom. Instant credibility.

Sharing bits from your social media sites.
Maybe you’re sharing a crazy-funny comment someone left. Why not show the actual comment? Or maybe someone famous re-tweeted you and you just have to brag about it. Or if you’re sadly out of name dropping loop, you can always just say, “Hey! Look what I tweeted!” Nothing wrong with that.

To show who won a giveaway. I always think someone is going to secretly think I just give giveaway prizes to my friends. Yet is seems unfair to keep my friends from entering giveaways. Showing the proof keeps the doubts away.

See? Who can argue with that?

How do you use screenshots on your blog?

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