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How to Choose the Top Teeth Aligner Kit on A Budget

Braces were the only way to straighten your teeth for a very long time. However, anyone who had braces before will tell you how awful they are because of their pain during the dentist’s visit, how they look, how expensive they are, and how much food gets stuck in them. Fortunately, many other solutions came to the surface in the last couple of decades, such as aligners. There are several types and designs for aligners, but the common thing between them is that they are invisible and hurt much less than braces. The following tips will help you in choosing the right aligner kit without breaking the bank.


The orthodontist’s visits while on braces treatment can put a big stress on you financially and emotionally, and here comes the affordability of aligner kits. It might seem obvious to choose the aligner with the lowest price. However, you need to see if there are any other hidden costs that you might not be aware of. Some companies charge for the impression kit they send you at the beginning of the treatment, and other companies give you retainers cheap or for free. Check the free services the company offers along with its aligner kit; it can save you serious money. Ask about their refund policy or similar policies to know your options.

In-Office Vs. At-Home Aligners

Unfortunately, not everyone is eligible for at-home aligners, as this treatment is only suitable for mild cases of teeth misalignment such as gaps or crowding. In-office aligners such as Invisalign can treat more severe cases, but they require visits to the dentist or orthodontist during treatment. Another in-office aligner is Clear Correct which can feel similar to Invisalign, and they are both FDA-approved. You need to check with your dentist to know if you are eligible for at-home aligners. You will take an online assessment as well with this treatment, and if you are a candidate, an impression will be sent to your address. You send back the results, and the treatment starts.


The whole point of pursuing orthodontic treatment is to get the results you are after, right? When you are choosing an aligner, you need to know how effective it is and how many months it takes to straighten your teeth. The longer the treatment is, the more money you are going to spend as well. Check for reviews to know how past clients think of this particular aligner. Other factors to consider are the product design, quality of materials, and the company’s level of expertise. However, each case is different, and the condition of your teeth plays a big role in how long it will take to get treated.


One of the main reasons people go for aligners is their appearance. Braces can look unpleasant, while aligners are invisible. Though all aligners are made of clear BPA-free plastic, each aligner looks different. Some aligners will be visible, and others will not be as visible. If you care about the small differences, you should see how each one looks while they are in the mouth. Take into consideration that less visible aligners can be a bit more expensive than others. No matter how “invisible” the product is, they are not 100% invisible as they can be seen if you look closely. If you don’t want them to be visible in pictures, you can simply take them off and put them on afterward.

Customer Support

You want someone to rely on if anything goes wrong. You won’t go to a dentist you don’t trust, right? That’s why you should pick the aligner provider carefully, as you will have at least a 3-month relationship with them. Most aligner treatments take around 6-18 months, and if anything went wrong in this period, you want someone that will fix it in a timely manner. If you had any concerns or questions during the treatment, you want to have a responsive customer support team to answer all these questions. You need to search for customer reviews for each provider to know which one has the best customer support, as you will need them often.

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Putting all these points into consideration will make you save money even if you bought an aligner with some expensive upfront costs. Aligner kits are generally more affordable than braces, but there are additional costs or free services you should keep in mind. Some effective treatments can take as short as three months which will make you save money, but it depends on your teeth condition. How aligners look is important to some people, and that’s why you should find the one you feel comfortable wearing. Find the customer support that you can depend on as you will need them during the treatment for any inquiries.

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