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How to Create a Workable, Enjoyable Work from Home Routine

The following post is from Prerna of The Mom Writes:

Work at Home Routines
source: Wonderlane

Working from home has many perks. One of them being you can create your own hours and routines. Unfortunately, this can also be of the downfalls of working from home. The flexibility to create our own routine often leads to haphazard, unfocused working efforts that leave us feeling overwhelmed, unproductive and exhausted.

Here are 5 tips to create a workable, enjoyable work-from-home routine that leaves you feeling energized, excited and enthusiastic about your work:

1. Set Your Working Hours

First things first, set working hours that work for you and your lifestyle.

If you can’t set fixed working hours, at least quantify the number of hours you’ll work in the day, so that you have an idea of what can be done when. Whether it is working two hours in the morning and four at night or working from 9AM to 2 PM, set hours and stick to them as far as possible.

2. Start Your Day Right

While I am an early riser and therefore, like to start my day with quiet time, reflection and a cup of coffee, if you’re not an early bird, you can and should still start your day right. Take a shower, dress for work, meditate, if you want to, eat breakfast, jot down your daily goals and then, power up the laptop. Don’t just fall out of bed, brush your teeth, and sit down in front of the laptop. It will only end up making you feel unproductive, irritable and overwhelmed because you wouldn’t have changed into clean, fresh clothes, had breakfast, or jotted down your to-dos.

3. Treat Your Work Like Work

One of the reasons to start the day right is because it ensures we give our work the respect it deserves. You wouldn’t go to office in your pajamas, bleary-eyed and groggy, right? So, why sit down in your home office just because you can do so. Treating your work like work ensures that you are excited about what you do. You look forward to getting ready for ‘office’ and you are productive because your work matters.

4. Set Goals for Every Day

Every day while I’m drinking my coffee, I go over my goals for the day. I do create a master list of goals for the week, every Sunday evening and write down each day’s goals, the evening before. That way I know how to allocate my limited time in the best and most productive way possible.

Setting goals, no matter how small, for each day keeps you on your toes and boosts motivation as well as that sense of accomplishment each evening when you go over your list and cross out pretty much everything on it. Whee!

5. Schedule Time for Offline Activities

Finally, and this is something I’m personally working on: schedule time for activities outside of the home office. Whether it is going for a jog every evening or meeting friends for coffee over the weekend, schedule it, and you’re most likely to get it done.

Better still, sign up for some sort of classes in the evening, because then you’re definitely going to go since you’ve paid up and all that. Getting away from the laptop is important not only for your eyes and brain, but also for your body and mental health.

Creating a workable, enjoyable work-from-home routine is not impossible or even, difficult. All it needs is spending some time on creating a structure that works for you. That is what makes working from home the best thing ever.

 How can YOU create a workable, enjoyable work-from-home routine? 

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