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How to Edit Travel Videos? 5 Worth Trying Tricks

The actual fun in being creative is there are no strict methods to follow. Filming and editing travel videos come in that creative genre. Each frame tells a different story to different people. Certain angles make the whole picture alter its actual identity. Just like photography, it requires some time to learn the techniques. After that, one has full freedom to improvise and implement new tricks and approaches to shoot and edit travel videos. 

The order of the video clips, what frame rate should be used, which frame to select, etc., are essential points that should be kept in mind while editing. The film should reflect a story and never lose its spontaneity. 

So, here are certain tips and tricks one can execute in editing a travel vlog. 

The 5-Fold Story

  1. Tell Your Own Story: As traveling is spontaneous and unplanned, it is quite difficult to keep up a storyline. To create a story, there has to be extensive research and careful planning of the trip. Also, filming in the chaos of other visitors may create problems in a specific frame. Hence, reaching the spot at the correct timing, before or after the rush hour, is a wise decision. The video should connect the dots between the beginning, the middle, and the end. 

For example, in a video of people praying in a mosque, the video should start with people entering the mosque. The middle portion should contain the group bowing together and ends by showing their departure. 

  1. Add Music: Music is a huge driving force in making sure the pace and excitement carry the viewer through the entire video, and this is done very much intentionally. As viewers have a short attention span, music will keep them engaged. One can use copyright-free music on the internet. The momentum of the song should match the flow of the video. Also, the mood of the song should be in accordance with the color palette of the shots. By editing the entire video in a specific beat, it drives the pace of each scene.  
  2. Trim the Fat: This means cutting the unwanted, unnecessary, and poorly shot videos from the video reel. There are generally two types of shots. One has someone talking, facing the camera, and another is the rest of the shots. We often tend to film various unnecessary shots like a city market, a building, or a landscape that is totally out of context. These portions should be cut out from the final reel. A single shot doesn’t need to stay more than 15 seconds on the screen. Also, two different videos can be joined by jump cuts and yet can keep on telling the story. 
  3. Diversify the Shots: As travel videos don’t have to have a proper structure, it is very important to experiment and diversify the shots. One can try panning left, right, up, down, shoot time-lapse or on a moving vehicle, shoot from worm eyes view, slowly spinning shots, or from different angles. Tilting the camera up and slowly tilting the body can include interesting angles in the video. 
  4. Showcase the Locals: Local people with different moods and expressions change the mood of the video story. They can either stare into the camera directly, or they can have candid shots taken. Both of the shots make the travel videos lively. Capturing them in motion in their niche will bring out the true color of that place. Bringing out strong emotions from the audience helps the viewers connect with the place instantly. 

Go on a creative roll

Besides all these, exporting the videos properly, adding subtitles, adding some final thoughts, adding an intro and outro music, and last but not least, adding some voice-overs must be there in the editing checklist. An online platform like Wave video is the best option for newbie travel bloggers who want to share their experiences with an audience. So, get on a site today and create your travel blog now. Bon, voyage!

Featured Photo by Knelstrom ltd from Pexels