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How to Get in the Festive Mood This December

As October comes and goes and we enter mid-November, millions of people worldwide begin to feel the anticipation and excitement of an upcoming Christmas and starting to get in a festive mood.

With the past two years being very unpredictable and emotionally exhausting for many people, it’s no surprise that the Christmas spirit has been somewhat lacking.

The focus has been on staying safe and reducing transmission of the COVID-19 virus, and many countries were still in a partial lockdown over the holiday period last year.

However, things are looking up, and many countries have now returned to a level of normality. The shops have opened back up, and people can meet up in large groups once again.

Because of this, it definitely feels like more people are getting in a festive mood in the lead-up to this year’s Christmas. But if you’re finding it difficult to get excited about the holidays this year, here are some top tips for you.

Decorate Your House

Turning your house into your own version of Santa’s Grotto is a sure-fire way to get in the holiday mood. Every time you walk through the door after a long day of work, you will be greeted by a house full of festivity.

There are so many easy and cost-effective ways to decorate the whole house just in time for Christmas this year. Place lots of Christmas figurines in the hallway, wrap tinsel around the fireplace, and hang fairy lights up in the bedroom.

Light a Scented Candle

Smell is one of the strongest scents. By lighting a Christmas scented candle in your home, you will immediately start to reminisce about your childhood and remember all of the exciting Christmas Days you spent with your family.

Most candle companies like Devon Wick release specific Christmas-themed candles, and they often include spiced winterberry, pumpkin spice, pine, and peony.

Put On Some Christmas Films

There are so many amazing classic Christmas films that will have you bubbling with excitement about the upcoming festive period.

From the start of December, multiple streaming platforms start playing Christmas movies, and they are available through to the new year.

Whether it’s Home Alone, Elf, or Love Actually, put on a Christmas film in the background as you eat your dinner or do the housework, and you will start feeling getting in a festive mood than ever before. And it doesn’t have to stop there. You could also get a matching family Christmas pajamas to wear on Christmas Day as you relax with your family.

Wear Your Favorite Christmas Sweater

Christmas sweater
Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Wearing a sweater with a huge reindeer or Christmas tree pattern stitched into it can take you from feeling like Scrooge to wishing Christmas could come earlier.

If you’ve had the same Christmas jumper for years, it’s time to upgrade and get a brand-new one. Get yourself an oversized woolly sweater that will keep you cozy over the festive period.

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Featured Image by Bianca Van Dijk from Pixabay