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How to have the perfect Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is not very far away.  Posts are starting to abound across the blogosphere about what mom really wants (sleep!), how to celebrate the moms in your life, the joy of motherhood, and so on.

I’m not here with a gift guide or a sarcastic post about the amount of sleep I’m not getting or to wax eloquent about how my family is enough even without a Mother’s Day gift.

Instead, I just want to share a simple tip that makes all of the so-called “Hallmark” holidays (Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day) and even birthdays and anniversaries that much sweeter.

You ready?

Here it is: Let go of any and all expectations.

I actually love all of these holidays and events, and it’s not because I receive extravagant gifts or my husband is especially romantic or my kids are extraordinarily thoughtful.

Instead, I go into it with no expectations—no wishlist of gift ideas, no expectations of “time off”, no plans for me-time.

And, then, when my husband does bring home a bouquet of flowers—or send the kids out in the yard to pick them—or a small gift, when the girls show up with handmade cards, when I do get a chance to relax with a good book, it feels like I’ve just been given the world.

Now, a quick caveat: because of my personality, avoiding comparisons is easy for me. I don’t often find myself in situations where I compare my lot to someone else’s. And when I do, I dislike the feeling so much that I do my best to remove myself from the situation as quickly as possible (which usually means turning off the phone or closing the computer).

But if you do struggle with comparisons, I would gently suggest that you take a break from Facebook and Instagram (and maybe even Pinterest) this weekend. Moms everywhere will be celebrating the things their families do for them, big and small, with pretty filters and flowery words.

If seeing the things that other people share will make you look at the gestures of your own family with discontent, just avoid them for the weekend. It will make it so much easier to avoid expectations and appreciate the smallest moments!

And Happy Mother’s Day!