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How to Increase Home Office Storage

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When you start a business from home, you may think that you have plenty of storage space in your home office. As you grow your business, don’t be surprised if your storage space shrinks quickly.After all, no matter how much storage space you have, you probably want more.

When I first moved into my latest home office, I thought that I would have plenty of room for my books, supplies, projects and anything else that belonged in my home office. A few months later I realized I was wrong. I bought two bookcases, added shelves to my closet and donated a huge box of supplies I’d never used. Now I have extra storage space, and I’m able to find what I need more easily.

Before you give up on finding more storage space, try these tips.

Think vertically.

If you have limited floor space, look up and put your walls to work. First, add freestanding bookcases or install shelves above or near your desk. You can use the shelves to store books, reference materials and supplies. An easy way to store and organize supplies is to use decorative baskets and containers.

Shelves further away from your desk and ones that aren’t within reach, are ideal for storing souvenirs from your last trip, family photos or the last award you won from a trade association. The key is to keep the items you use often nearby, and anything else on another surface.

Make furniture do double duty.

Whether you have an antique dresser or a cabinet that used to work well in your family room, consider whether you could use it in your home office to hold supplies, books and even sales materials. On top you could store your printer, more books and family photos. The idea is to make anything in your home office, especially furniture, serve more than one purpose. Considering that home office space is valuable, anything you have inside that space needs to be functional and if it can do double duty, that’s even better.

Think outside of the tray.

Instead of using stacking trays, use stacking bins. Bins work better than stacking trays because they’re larger and there’s more space between each bin. Also, they sit on the floor, not on your desk. If you can’t resist using stacking trays (old habits die hard), limit the number of trays you use. Extra trays will only give you places to stash papers you’ll never refer to again.

Make your desk drawers do more.

Make it easier to see what you have within your desk drawers by using drawer dividers. They keep everything within the drawers separated, and help you save time looking for the supplies you need. You’ll also avoid buying too many supplies that you already own because when you open a drawer, you’ll be able to see clearly what you own and what you need to buy.

Give supplies a home.

Designate a specific place to store your extra supplies, stationery and products. You could store supplies on shelves within a closet or on bookcases in your office. The tendency is to put something wherever it will fit. Instead, store supplies where you’ll find them easily, and store the same types of items together. This leaves you with only one place to look for one type of item.

The old saying, “There’s a place for everything and everything in its place” is annoying, but it’s true. If you create extra storage space, store items logically so you can find them again, and take the time to put things back where they belong, you’ll save time looking for something when you need it.

How have you created extra space within your home office?

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