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How to Make a Glass Pendant Out of Repurposed Paper

The following post is from Micaela of Mindful Momma:

source: Micaela Preston

The Inspiration

I’m a sucker for pretty paper. When I see something I love, whether it is a paper cut design on a calendar, a screen printed gift card, or some artsy wrapping paper,  I have a hard time resisting. And because I hate to waste, I often turn paper items I am finished with into something new, like handmade thank you cards or gift tags, for instance.  When I found this pretty piece of Japanese chiyogami paper in my Yuzen Box (one of those monthly goodie boxes filled with natural and organic products),  I knew immediately that I had to do something fun with it. No way was it going in the recycle bin!

A glass pendant necklace was just the ticket! I had purchased something similar from an Etsy shop years ago but figured that they couldn’t be hard to make. After a trip to my local jewelry supply store, I had everything I needed to whip up a few paper backed glass pendants.

The pendants made wonderful holiday gifts for my two sisters. And of course, I kept one for myself too!

source: Micaela Preston


  • glass tile (typically available in round, oval or square shapes)
  • bail (the metal piece that connects the pendant to the chain or cord)
  • necklace chain or cord
  • decorative paper
  • scissors
  • paint brush
  • Diamond Glaze or Ice Resin adhesive
  • E6000 glue

Note: I purchased all of my supplies at a local jewelry making store but you can also find most of them at the Candytiles Studio Etsy shop.


Wash tiles with warm, soapy water and dry carefully. Touch glass by edges only from now on to avoid fingerprints.

Cut a square of paper, leaving it at least a 1/4 inch larger than the tile.

glass pendant tiles on recycled paper
source: Micaela Preston

Apply a few drops of adhesive (either Diamond Glaze or Ice Resin) onto your glass tile (I used 3 or 4 drops). Carefully flip the tile onto your paper, positioning it right where you want it. Press down on the tile with your fingers to squish out any extra adhesive. Use a paint brush to remove any excess adhesive from the sides of the tile. Let the tile dry for at least 2 hours (I waited overnight). Once the tile is completely dry, use a scissors to remove the extra paper around the edge of the tile.

Apply a dime sized dollop of adhesive to the back of the tile. Use a paint brush to evenly distribute it over the whole back of the tile.  Allow tile to dry completely (I waited overnight).

source: Micaela Preston

Apply a small dollop of E600 glue to the backside of the tile. Center the bail on the top of the tile. Press down on the bail to make sure it is set in place. Allow to dry overnight.

String the chain or cord through the bail. Now, your pendant is ready to wear!

Have you made any fun eco-crafts lately?

Micaela Preston is a green lifestyle writer and marketing consultant with a passion for sustainable products and brands. Her award winning blog, Mindful Momma, focuses on living a green and healthy lifestyle while balancing the realities of life with young children. Micaela lives in Minneapolis with her husband and two boys. When she is not writing, she is busy whipping up a healthy meal or the eco-craft du jour.