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How to Make Decluttering At-Home Fun for Kids

If you have kids, you know how exhausting it can be to run after them to get them to clean their rooms. Eventually, many parents miss out on the frequent cleaning sessions, which result in a cluttered and messy home. A messy house is unhealthy and unproductive for you and the kids. If all this sounds familiar, then it is time to start the process of decluttering, but not alone. This time, you’re going to involve the little ones. It’s tough but doable. The key is to make decluttering at-home fun for kids.

In the following simple and effective ways, you can make your kids a part of the process. This way, instead of slowing you down, your kids can speed up the process while you sneak out to take some rest. But don’t worry, everyone’s going to have fun! 

Let’s find out how.

#1 The first rule is to talk it out with them

Before burdening yourself and your kids with duties and responsibilities that they can immediately refuse, you must sit them down and explain the objective behind this activity as advised by Vineyard Property Management. Once you do this, it will help your kids feel involved in the process, and they will have a clear idea of what they are in for. If your kids are quite young, you can tell it to them in the form of a story, poem, or even memes that are informative and entertaining!

#2 Know what they can do

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Let’s be practical for a minute and remember that there is not much heavy work that your kids can do, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be a part of the decluttering process. Simple tasks like sorting out their color boxes and rearranging their toys can be a great way of reducing your burden and making the task of decluttering fun and festive.

#3 The feedback rule – Praise comes first

The importance of positive reinforcement while working with the kids can’t be ignored. They need to know that you value what they are doing and contribute to the task. Even for a small contribution, shower some praise and watch them working harder and getting better at the job assigned. So, go for that ‘attaboy’ every once in a while!

#4 Be careful around the tools – You and them!

Young children are as curious as cats, and that can be a bane as well as a boon. So, while taking your kids’ help in the process of decluttering, you need to be careful about the tools you have around. Anything sharp or small can prove to be deadly for them. Keep an eye on what they have in hand all the time, or you may encounter a bigger problem.

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#5 Professional help is always welcomed!

You can find professionals for junk removal in Bradenton or wherever you are based. Don’t hesitate to get help with what you need. Be clear about your demands and, in fact, come up with a mental to-do list before enlisting professional help.

#6 Watch your tone

The biggest trouble most parents face is that they vent their frustration on kids. While we have a clear conceptualization of what is right and what isn’t, the kid’s mind is not like this. So, when they are making a mistake, you need to keep calm and correct them. Yelling at them or raising your voice will be of no use as kids simply take it a sign of hostility. Be nice, and make it fun for everyone!


Always remember that you are mostly teaching your kids the value of decluttering. So you need to take part in the process to keep their spirits up. Keep your calm and make the process fun and educational for your children. So make decluttering at-home fun for kids. Dress up as superheroes if you will, but don’t keep them away from the process!

Featured Image by Jarrod Blamey from Pixabay