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How to Stay Balanced During the Holidays

The following post is from Kat of Inspired To Action:

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The end of the year is a funny time. We  rush, rush, rush trying to “enjoy the Season”.  And then,  in a state of utter exhaustion and in the afterglow of spending too much, eating too much and generally doing things in excess, we attempt to make wise decisions and plans for the following year.

In light of that great irony, I thought now would be a good time for us, as mothers, to remember some keys to staying balanced. We set the temperature and mood of our home. It is so important that we are able to walk in peace, even in the midst of the holiday season.

Keys to Living a Balanced Life

1. Remember that balance isn’t a constant state. It is ever changing. Imagine a gymnast on the balance beam. She is constantly adjusting back and forth to be “balanced.” It is vital that we realize that balance is actually just the habit of constantly adjusting.

2. Know where you’re headed.  We can’t adjust if we don’t know what we are adjusting *to*. Make a plan, set goals, keep to do lists. In order to be balanced, we need to know what our center is.

3. Prepare.  If we’re headed into a new season, whether that’s the holidays, school starting or a new baby, we need to expect our balance to be tested. Ideally, we plan and prepare for it. When a gymnast tries a new skill on the balance beam, she makes sure there are cushions around her to break her fall. Her coach stands closer to spot her. She is hyper focused because she knows her balance will be challenged. We have to do the same anytime something new, like the holidays, comes at us.

4. Make small adjustments.  Have you ever been driving your car and started to veer off the road for one reason or another? What is our tendency when that happens? It is to over- correct, isn’t it?

The same is true in life. We tend to make huge drastic changes when things are a bit off kilter, but then we just need to make another massive adjustment to get back to the middle.

Instead, make small adjustments. Evaluate where you are, where you’re headed, and how you can calmly get there. Don’t make decisions based on your weariness or excitement. Consistent small adjustments will get us where we are going. Drastic changes can cause us to crash.


Remember it’s just a season.  Are you feeling overwhelmed? Underwhelmed? Itching to do something? Desperate for rest? The off balance season you are in is temporary. And if you embrace it as a learning experience you can gain the knowledge and skills you need to walk through the year steady and model a balanced life for your children.

How are you feeling going into the holiday season? How do you stay balanced?

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