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How to Take Professional Travel Photos

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Every tourist wants to bring beautiful pictures from the trip. Travel photos show friends and family if they ask about how the journey was. It is always great when a fascinating story can be supplemented with beautiful photos of your travel. In addition, travel photos remain for life. They are revised time after time to return to the past and feel the atmosphere of the past days. 

It often happens that people bring pictures from trips that completely do not meet their expectations. The reasons for this are many: the camera died out, the memory ended, the photo was blurred, etc. To avoid such mistakes and get the most beautiful photos, you must prepare in advance and ask for the secrets of a successful photo shoot. Simple secrets will be interesting both for novice photographers and professionals. Travel photos have their own features that are important to take into account to get quality pictures. You can see Examples of Travel Photography

General tips

Bring a camera
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Always bring your camera, but do not use unnecessary equipment.

On a journey, you never know when you’ll need a camera to capture the moment. Because the perfect shot can appear in the most unexpected place at any time, the camera must always be with you, but heavy lenses and different tripods can be left at home. Such equipment may be needed if you are shooting for some magazine, but it is not necessary for a walking photo shoot. So take a minimum of equipment, then you can bring with you from the trip only positive emotions and cool experiences. 

Keep the lens clean

A clean lens is the key to a beautiful photo. It often happens that a contaminated lens spoils the whole photo. Make sure that the sand and other small loose joys do not get inside the camera. So never throw the camera on the sand. 

Spare battery

Keep an extra battery on you. Every tourist wants to take as many photos with him/her as possible of their travel. You need to worry about the availability of a charged battery. In this situation, it is better to always bring a spare battery. Especially if you are going on a tour that will take you not a couple of hours or even a whole day. So, to avoid feeling sad that the battery died at a bad time, do not forget the spare.

Spare memory card

During the trip, tourists take many pictures and often face a situation when memory runs out. So make sure you always have a spare memory card or a device on which you can quickly flip pictures and not take precious time removing unwanted photos.

How to avoid fuzzy shots

After a busy day, you will review the pictures. It may turn out that many cool photos are smeared. To avoid being sad afterward because of the huge number of unsuccessful photos, you need to try to take smudged frames as little as possible. If you photograph without a tripod, try to lean on something or put the camera on a steady object. Also, do not shoot on the run. Better stop, take a few shots, and then catch the hasty guide.

Whether to use flash

All excursions and walks occur in the daytime when the flash is not needed. Otherwise, the pictures will be of poor quality.

Best time to shoot

Honestly, any time in the journey is the ideal time to shoot. After all, the purpose of the trip is to capture and bring back the emotions received there. And the best way to do this is to take a photo. Besides, you never know when that exciting shot will be in front of you. There is no best time to shoot. It all depends on your skills.

Consider in advance what photos you would like to bring from the trip

Read the articles about where you are going. Make a list of the frames you want to get. In advance, decide on those places and sights you want to take with you. Think about what exactly and how you would like to capture. This will help you not to get lost and take a lot of unnecessary and unsuccessful shots.

Take your time

Haste is not your friend. Be calm. While everyone is fussing and trying to take a hundred thousand frames in a single location, you calmly take a few pictures. It’s better to take a couple of pictures that will be incredibly cool than a hundred frames, among which it will be difficult to find anything decent. So calm and focused is the key to success.

Sometimes it is better to walk and observe life in a new place than to follow the guide

It happens that the guide is in a hurry, showing new places to cover as much as possible. Generally, departing from the standard excursions is very useful for the photographer. You can get a lot of interesting shots.

What and how to shoot

Pay attention to the background

Make sure that the background completes, not distract attention from the person in the picture. And in general, the background must be beautiful.

Do not forget to photograph yourself

Do not forget to take pictures of yourself. Take unusual selfies so that there is something to look at after the trip. Because photographers often focus only on sights and attractions, forgetting to capture their own emotions on a trip. 

Look for interesting angles

Try to get a new angle on the famous place. Get to it so that the picture you get is interesting, unlike hundreds of other pictures.

Don’t be afraid to photograph people

Pictures of men talking
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It is not about your friends, but about strangers. Local residents, for example. They often gladly pose for tourists. Of course, if the person refuses the photo and is clearly not in the most benign way – do not insist.

How to take pictures of monuments

Try to be photographed against the background of not all the attractions but some of them. You will have a photo that will stand out among hundreds of identical photos of other people with monuments.


Photography is an art behind which lies the photographer’s professionalism, but everyone can learn basic skills. A photo is a great souvenir that will be a wonderful reminder of the journey. With a few simple tips, your photos will become quality memories of your travel.

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