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How To Win The Search Optimization Game

Many work at home Mothers have a blogging website. Anyone serious about driving traffic to their website knows that wherever relevant, they want to have the top page in the list of Google search results. Being top of the opening page in the organic positions has been shown repeatedly to be the location that generates the most clicks. It is obvious really – Google recommends a list of potentially relevant sites that relate to your search, and it ranks them. If you have gone to a website because you trust its opinions and rankings, then why would you possibly click on one of the less recommended sites? You don’t! With this in mind, here are a few simple tips to ensure that you end up where you want and need to be – on the top of that list.  

Find the right partner

Devising and implementing a proper search engine strategy is not something that anybody can do well. You need to find the right partner and work on a vision and a strategy together. It can be hard to know which the best SEO company is to work with because there are a good few to choose from, and many purports to have incredible qualifications. The real test, though, is to use a search engine. The best in town is the one that will come up first on the Google results page, and they are the agency with whom you should get into contact. Logic dictates that if they are good enough to get themselves to the top of the page in their (highly competitive field), then they should be able to do the same for you.

Build relationships

One of the strengths of the internet is also one of its weaknesses. The internet allows for remote working to take place very easily. The truth is there is no real reason why you can’t be based in Sydney but have a digital agency executing for you from New Delhi or Dublin. The only downside is that it is hard to build quality relationships this way. Ideally, what you want to find is a local SEO specialist who you can work with. Somebody easy to call up and chat with face-to-face. Devising an effective strategy and implementing it successfully is an ongoing process. It is much easier to do it over a cup of coffee once a week than it is to do via Zoom or Skype. 

Paid search works too

Do not be afraid to go the paid search route as well. Yes, organic search is more effective and trusted, but there is still merit in paid search, especially if you operate on a CPC (cost per click) model. Paid search gets you to the top of the page automatically, and while your page appears there marked as paid, it is nevertheless in front of the relevant eyeballs. It is a method that can generate a substantial number of impressions. 

Exchange links

If you have friends, who run blogs or websites, are looking to get your site mentioned within their ecosystems. Google loves it when sites refer to each other – especially if the referring sites have good domain authority. So, reach out to other websites. Offer products for review or ask to be mentioned within articles. Every little bit helps.