How to Write Your Own Recipe

How to Write Your Own Recipe
source: Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship

This week, Katie from Kitchen Stewardship released her brand new ebook, Better Than a Box: Transforming YOUR Kitchen into a Real Food Wonder!, an ebook packed full of real food versions of your family’s favorite recipes — thinks like rice-a-roni, hamburger helper and more — plus tons of tips and tutorials to help you reverse engineer your favorites. Better Than a Box is on sale this week only for $1.99 including tons of extra printables or $0.99 for just the Kindle version.

Katie’s sharing her 9-step process for writing your own recipe plus her Homemade Caesar Dressing Recipe over at Easy Homemade today:

I always thought I might be a children’s book author when I grew up – I think most elementary school teachers probably do. Or maybe a wedding dress designer. Or president of the United States.

Simple dreams.

I never really dreamed I would be able to write my own recipes.

I’d always been the kind of person who measured perfectly (just about) and followed recipes to the letter, but somewhere along the way, I gained the courage in the kitchen to try new things and just “go for it” and see what happens.

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