Ideas for Your Blogging Network

The following post is from Angela of Homegrown Mom:

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Last month, I shared tips for starting your own blogging network. Today, I’m sharing ideas for your group to blog together, promote one another, and grow closer.

Blog Together

Collaborate on projects. When I began a 30 Days of Homemaking for Girls series, my blog network was the first place I went to look for contributors. Others have requested help on different projects and it’s great to see how things come together when the group is involved.

Create a blog hop or carnival. Host a link-up, guest post on one another’s blogs. This can work well whether you have similar audiences or not. If you have similar audiences, the content will be easy to create. If you have vastly different audiences, you can use a certian subject as a unifying theme that you’ll each approach from your unique angle, and you’ll be exposed to some new readers.

Promote Each Other

Trade ad space. Create a thread on your forum for those who’d like to trade buttons.

Assign monthly buddies. If your group gets too large, you can randomly assign monthly blog buddies. The creator of our group, Angie, used a Google Doc form to collect the information of those bloggers that wanted to join, and then matched us up randomly. Each person has a different buddy, and finds ways to bless them throughout the month — kind of like a Secret-Santa, except we aren’t anonymous about it.

Use social media. Set aside a little of your blogging time to re-tweet, stumble, or Facebook some of your group’s content. Keep a thread going for people to post links to posts they’d like promoted. We encourage each other to share one or two links a week for the group to promote.

In all of this promoting, remember your readers and find a way to link to your new friends organically, while still respecting your readers. This might take some practice, but you will figure it out sooner or later!

Branch Out of Your Group’s Meeting Place

Break out of your group occasionally and interact in other platforms. You’ll meet some of their readers and vice versa, but more importantly you’ll get to know your network friends a little better.

Create a twitter list so you can keep up with one another.  “Like” or “friend” each other on Facebook. Visit each other’s blogs and leave comments.


Are you looking to belong to a blog network like mine? My friend Angie is now offering a service connecting bloggers in small networking groups! Click here to view more details about joining a group.

Do you have any tips for networking groups?

Angela is the blogger behind Homegrown Mom, where she writes about creating family times, being a homeschool freak, and trying to be a wife to rush home to, all the while admitting that she isn’t quite a domestic diva. Yet. She’s hopelessly addicted to her family, sour patch kids, and blogging, in that order.