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Introducing the New Silhouette Cameo


Silhouette digital cutters are a hot topic among DIY, craft and decor bloggers because there is so much you can do with these powerful little machines!

This holiday season, Silhouette has released their new model, the Silhouette CAMEO, in time for you to find it under your tree on Christmas morning. Thank you, Silhouette, for not pulling an Apple and releasing a new model just after Christmas!

The Silhouette can be used to make a wide — practically limitless — range of items:

  • vinyl lettering and designs for your walls (or your RC planes, if you’re my husband)
  • fabric appliques for clothing, pillows and more
  • paper designs, letters, etc. (like this gift wrap personalization)
  • scrapbook pages
  • temporary tattoos
  • glass etching
  • sketching with special silhouette pens
  • cutting printed designs for extra detail

(Oh, and look at this cute advent calendar from Silhouette America!)

silhouette cameo

The Silhouette has always been known for great features like the ability to cut any font on your computer and buy graphics and fonts online rather than having to use cartridges. So what makes the CAMEO so much better?

Quite a few things, it turns out:

  • An upgraded control panel that lets you pause mid-print to either cancel or adjust the settings.
  • The ability to handle larger mediums, up to 12″ wide and 10′ long.
  • Adjustable rollers to handle various size paper/vinyl.
  • One blade with multiple settings (rather than trying to keep track of many different blades) and a built-in adjusting tool.
  • And it’s compatible with all of your Silhouette SD accessories if you’re wanting to upgrade!

Silhouette America is promising a special Black Friday discount this Friday, and you’ll save even more when you use coupon code YOURWAY at checkout. They’re not sharing the details of the promotion with anyone yet, but be sure to like Life Your Way on Facebook because I’ll be sharing more information there as soon as I have it!