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Inventory Your Christmas Decor + Free Printable

holiday decor inventory

If you haven’t yet taken down your Christmas decorations (although a Facebook poll shows that some of you got them packed away and cleaned the house on the 26th!), now is a great time to create an inventory of your holiday decor.

An inventory is a valuable tool, not just for insurance purposes in case of fire or other accidents, but also for scouting after-Christmas sales and to make sure that you have everything you need when it comes time to decorate next year.

Betsy emailed me as she was decorating for Christmas this year and asked if I could add space to the decor inventory printable for her to record where different decorations are stored because they can never seem to find it all the following year.

I went ahead and updated the existing printable with an extra field for you to record the storage location for each item. If you store all of your decor together, you could also use that field to make notes about the quantity, condition, brand, etc.

Click here to print or download your Christmas Decor Inventory printable.