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iPhone Users: Update or Upgrade?

The following post is from Michelle of Mommy Misadventures:

Earlier this month, the much anticipated iPhone 5 was announced with much fanfare and excitement over the improved hardware, larger screen and other innovations. Last week, on September 20th, Apple released the iOS 6 update to its current devices, followed the next day by the official launch of the iPhone 5 the following day.

For Apple fans, a new iPhone announcement begs one important question: to update my current phone iOS or to upgrade to the new phone? For the folks that either pre-ordered or lined up to be the first to own the newest iPhone last week, the answer was simple.

But if you’re still on the fence, here are two things to consider:

Are you eligible for an upgrade?

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There’s no question that the iPhone is a significant financial investment. If you are a current iPhone user, you may be able to get an iPhone at a reduced price, starting at $199. Note that if you choose to buy an iPhone at the upgrade price, remember that this often includes signing up for another long-term contract. (Check your carrier for more details.)

Not all current iPhone users will be eligible for the upgrade price; whether you depend largely on how long you have had your current phone. If you have either a 3G/3GS, chances are you are eligible for an upgrade; iPhone 4 and 4S models may not be. Always confirm with your carrier when you will be eligible for an upgrade.

If you’ve got a year or more to wait, consider updating your iOS6 (read more on that below) and waiting on the hardware. If Apple stays true to form, expect a hardware upgrade to the iPhone 5 within a year or so.

What type of iPhone do you currently have?

The iOS 6 update is available for all iOS devices: iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. If you have an iPhone 3GS, 4, or 4S, you can update to iOS 6 via iTunes. (Sorry iPhone 3G owners! The 3G is too old for this update.)

Updating your current iPhone device is an economical way to bridge the gap between your older iPhone at the newest model but only to a point. The older the iPhone, the fewer features it gains from upgrading to iOS 6. For example, features like Siri and turn-by-turn navigation are not available on the iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4.

If you are a current iPhone user, have you bought the new iPhone 5 or choosing to update your older iPhone?

Featured Image by Miku Aalto from Pixabay

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