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Is It Worth Getting a Lawyer for A Personal Injury?

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Hiring a lawyer may feel daunting, especially after an accident. You’ll also wonder what the right time is to hire one. Naturally, you may be too busy seeking medical help or filing an insurance claim after sustaining a personal injury. It’s not easy to know when to contact a personal injury lawyer. 

According to the Neufeld Law firm, a team of Florida personal injury lawyers, ‘After sustaining a personal accident, the person who caused the accident may want to deny responsibility. Insurance companies may also try to pay a claim much lower than you deserve.” A lawyer would help you through the process, including filing insurance claims, getting medical bills, and recovering lost wages.

What is a Personal Injury?

A personal injury is an injury sustained by a person in the event of an accident. These injuries could be major or minor. Sometimes, they start as minor injuries but later exacerbate into primary medical conditions. There are several kinds of personal injuries and the ways they could occur. Some of them include:

  • Workplace accidents
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Traumatic and catastrophic accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Medical malpractice

Types of Compensations for Personal Injuries

After a personal injury, you could get compensated for some of the following

  • Emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering
  • Cost of medical care
  • Mental suffering
  • Wrongful death
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Funeral costs
  • Loss of support
  • Loss of income

What a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Do for You

Legal cases can be pretty stressful, especially when you have just suffered through a personal injury. An experienced personal injury lawyer could help establish negligence in personal injury claims. They also assist in the following ways.

Investigate the Details of the Accident

If you have just sustained an accident, you are more preoccupied with recovery and medical costs, so investigating the accident may be the last thing on your mind. A personal injury lawyer would take over the entire responsibility of running the investigation and finding out all the essential details of the accident. They go to the accident scene, collect evidence, find witnesses, and build a stronger case. They may also interview potential witnesses and speak with the police and the insurance companies on your behalf.

Build a strong Case.

Once your lawyer completes the accident scene investigation, they will build a solid case on your behalf. They will meet with the police to get a copy of the accident report and examine all the evidence thoroughly to make sure you get the compensation you’re worth.

Provide Professional Support

When you have a lawyer on your side, it’s more difficult to make mistakes. They have handled hundreds of similar cases and know all the potential pitfalls. A lawyer has the knowledge and experience to navigate the legal system and give you the compensation you deserve.

Helps you Focus on Recovery

When you hire a lawyer to handle the process of seeking compensation, you can focus on healing from your accident. You do not have to worry about visiting the accident scene, looking for witnesses, or reviewing police reports; the lawyer manages the entire case. With a lawyer handling the most stressful parts of the case, you’ll find the time to rest and heal faster.

Discusses with the Insurance Company

Insurance companies pay as few claims as possible for every case; therefore, you may get paid much less than you deserve without professional assistance. A lawyer is experienced in handling negotiations to obtain the best possible offer. They can also take your case to trial when necessary.

Prepares You for the Court Hearing

When you’re handling your case personally, you do everything to avoid a trial, and this may involve taking an offer much lower than you deserve. However, a lawyer is not afraid to go to trial. They will insist on a reasonable offer and are ready to take the case to court if it is not met. Hiring a lawyer makes the prospect of going to trial much less overwhelming.

Is a Personal Injury Lawyer Worth it?

A personal injury lawyer is always worth it. In addition to providing legal advice about your case, they ensure that your personal injury claim are filed in a timely fashion, negotiate your settlement, and get you the compensation you deserve. Ultimately, they remove all the stress of sustaining a personal injury. They also ensure that all your medical bills are paid and that you recover any wages that may have been lost when you were out of work. 

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