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It’s gonna be quiet around here this week

West Virginia Sunrise
When I first started blogging, there was one rule of blogging that all serious bloggers followed: post often and post consistently.

Not posting wasn’t done unless it was a family emergency, and taking time off required all kinds of finagling — scheduling guest posts and reposts and writing ahead.

Thankfully, that has changed, and it’s more common these days for bloggers to take short breaks for various reasons.

I always do it the last week of the year, and this year I did it in February in preparation of our relaunch as well.

And I’m going to do it again next week.

Because I’m sharing more of “me” here on the blog these days, I’m just gonna be honest here:

I’m tired, y’all.

This summer included the relaunch of the Easy Homemade ebook as well as several huge Kindle conversion projects, and at one point I literally worked 16 hour days for 2 weeks straight to fulfill a commitment I’d made. {I don’t recommend it.}

It also included several months of intermittent sleep as we try to figure out what’s going on with Jackson’s tummy, plus a trip to North Carolina to help my parents unpack their new home.

And we spent two weeks frantically trying to get our house ready for sale…only to decide we’re not really ready to move after all.

The 101 Days of Christmas series starts in just two weeks, and I’m beyond excited. But I need a break before we dive in!

We’re also gearing up for the new school year, but if I’m honest, our girls could use some more input from mom as well. They’ve been pushing the limits and seeing how little work they can get away with in school, and we need to get back to basics. We’re going to hold mommy boot camp next week and review expectations, routines, etc.

And we’ve been eating like crap. Not just making little exceptions in favor of sanity but sliding fully into the realm of horrible eating habits. I’ll be sharing more about my own healthy living bootcamp when I return, but don’t miss the resource that has me excited about reprioritizing our food and product choices once again.

If you’re just stopping by for the first time, welcome! I’m so sorry I’m not here to greet you personally, and I do hope you’ll stick around until I get back. Want to get to know me and Life Your Way a little better? Here are some of my favorite posts from the archives:

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Enjoy the first week of September, and I’ll see you soon!