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Jackson’s Safari Nursery Tour

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Jackson's Safari Nursery Tour at

As we finish up Baby Week and count down the weeks until his arrival, I thought it’d be fun to give you a little tour of Jackson’s nursery!

The “nursery” is actually the master bedroom closet, which is the perfect size for a crib, a toy box and a skinny Ikea wardrobe to hold his clothes…and not much more:

Jackson's Safari Nursery Tour at

Unfortunately, because the room is so small, it’s hard to get good pictures, but I did my best!

Jackson's Safari Nursery Tour at

It’s been painted pink for as long as we’ve lived here, but while the girls and I were in Florida, Sean surprised us by repainting and adding wainscoting to the walls. I think it may be the only time he’s ever truly surprised me, and I squealed and cried when I saw it!

Jackson's Safari Nursery Tour at

We didn’t have a mobile with our first three girls, and I always wished we did, so we finally “splurged” on one for our last daughter. I loved turning it on and watching her watch the animals move around.

Unfortunately, we gave pretty much everything away over the past four years, so my grandmother got us this beautiful safari nursery set, including a new mobile, this time around!

Jackson's Safari Nursery Tour at

Although the set came with a giraffe print sheet, I prefer fleece sheets because they’re so warm and cozy and don’t wake up babies when you’re laying them down in the winter! We found this pretty green polka dot fleece print at JoAnn Fabrics that matched the bedding, so we’ll use that instead!

Jackson’s also acquiring stuffed animals at a scary pace, as the girls keep adding animals from their own collection — or that they’ve made for him — to his crib. I love how much they love him already!

Jackson's Safari Nursery Tour at

And finally, this week the girls and I washed and folded his clothes and then put them away in the wardrobe, and I love peeking in there at all the little outfits lined up!

The only thing left to figure out is what we want to do with the space under the crib. I’d love to have that space for storage, but I haven’t found the perfect baskets or boxes to use under there yet!

Watch for a tour of our new built-in bunk beds soon; we’ve just got to finish painting the room!