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101 Days of Christmas: Jelly Bean Bracelets

Jelly Bean Bracelets

Our 6-year-old was so excited when I invited her to help me with this project, and she’s already decided that she’ll be making these for her friends for Christmas!

Jelly Bean bracelets are a tasty alternative to store-bought candy necklaces, and with the abundance of jelly bean colors available, you can really customize these to any theme or color scheme.


  • jelly beans
  • regular or stretchy thread
  • clean needle


Decide on your bracelet colors and sort your jelly beans.

Thread your needle and begin threading the jelly beans onto the string one at a time.

Hint: If your hands get hot or sticky, it will dull the outside of the jelly beans. This works best in a cooler room (or you could refrigerate the jelly beans ahead of time), and you should wash and dry your hands regularly if they start to get sticky.

When the bracelet is long enough, tie the ends together tightly.

Package in a plastic treat bag for gifting!

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