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Do you worry about your kids and what they may see on TV or the Internet? I know I do, and with the accessibility of both these days, I’m not sure how you can not worry about these things.

To be fair, though, this is not a new problem!

When I was in junior high, Prodigy chat rooms were all the rage, and I spent hours on my laptop, laying on the floor of my parents’ bedroom, chatting in various rooms. In hindsight, that probably wasn’t the safest place for a junior high girl to hang out, and I’m not sure my parents or I would make the same decision now (although it could be said that my love of the internet and therefore my career were born in those hours!), but it was what it was.

At least until we took it a step further.

At the beginning of my 7th grade year, and older girl and I decided to actually call some of the local boys we’d met in a chat room. We then lied and passed them off as real-life friends of the other girl to both sets of our parents, and one weekend we made plans to meet them at a local mall. (Um, rebel much?)

When we missed curfew, my step-mom called the rest of our parents and we ended up having a pretty big sit down which resulted in both of us being grounded for a very long time. We stayed friends with the guys for quite a while, and they really were good kids, so it turned out okay. But wow…it’s easy to imagine how it could have gone with us ending up on the evening news.

In fact, I did have someone else try to convince me to meet him in person and thankfully I was smart enough to resist (although not smart enough, apparently, to tell my parents — sorry, Mom!), because I looked him up again sometime later and discovered that, magically, he’d gone from a 13-year-old boy to a 26-year-old man overnight.


Cox Cable Take Charge Twitter Party

This Thursday, I’ll be joining children’s advocate John Walsh (@JohnWalshAMW), blogger Leticia Barr (@TechSavvyMama) and other Lifetime Moms bloggers for a Twitter Party on this very topic, sponsored by Cox Cable’s Take Charge! program.

With Take Charge!, Cox wants to increase customers’ awareness and use of the parental controls and filtering tools already available in a digital home — on their cable TV, Internet, and telephone services. Through the easy-to-use, comprehensive new web site and a free resource guide, Cox will also provide families with tools and resources to help them not only block content they find objectionable, but identify and get the most enjoyment out of exciting family-friendly content.

Join us on Thursday, June 28th, from 6-7 p.m. EST to talk about the importance of using parental controls to filter what our kids see on the internet and TV.

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