Join Me for The Trash Challenge

source: Damian Cugley

I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few weeks wondering what exactly fills our trash bags each week.

We’ve switched back to cloth diapers.

We recycle cardboard, plastic, glass and aluminum.

We repurpose and reuse as much as we can without adding to the clutter in our home.

And we’ve cut down on most of our junk mail by registering for’s Do Not Mail list and calling other companies ourselves to cancel catalogs.

And yet, we still fill up 4-6 bags of trash a week. I just don’t get it!

With that in mind, I’ve decided to issue The Trash Challenge – to myself and to any readers who want to join me this week!

I am going to literally write down everything that goes into my trash this week (for the purposes of this challenge I’m just focusing on my kitchen trash since we really don’t use the others very much).

I want to know what goes into my trash each week so that I can come up with strategies to eliminate the trash going forward!

Interestingly enough, after deciding to issue The Trash Challenge, I came across a link to a story about a couple who committed to having ONE bag of trash for an entire year (thanks to Cara at repuposeful for sharing the link!). The one bag wasn’t even a garbage bag, just a grocery store bag!

I have just scratched the surface of the Rubbish Free Year blog, but I’m intrigued by both their goal and their success (and I’ll admit the cynical part of me wonders if they didn’t sneak and throw something away away from home just to stick to the challenge…).

Either way, my goal – to get down to one bag of trash each week – seems much more achievable after reading their story! But before I focus on that goal, I’m going to spend this week just focusing on tracking what goes into my trashcan.

Will you join me?

I’ll post our results from The Trash Challenge next Tuesday, and I’d invite you to come back and post about your results as well – on your blog or in the comments – so that we can compare notes and help each other brainstorm ways to reduce the trash!

Do you spend much time thinking about what goes into your trash can? What other tips do you have for reducing garbage?