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This month I am participating in the 30-Day Giving Challenge, an incredible campaign that Alyssa from Kingdom First Mom launched last year to inspire her readers to give like never before. Because Alyssa is a big picture kinda gal, she was inspired to grow the challenge this year, and she invited nine bloggers — including me — to join her!

The idea behind the challenge is simple. Each day in November, we will intentionally look for a way to give. It doesn’t mean you have to donate money all 30 days — or even at all. It doesn’t mean you need to spend hours volunteering each and every day this month — or even at all.

What Does It Mean to Give?

Giving will look different for each and every person (perhaps we should have called it Giving…Your Way, LOL!). The goal is just that giving is a mindset that doesn’t have to be limited by your available resources.

Bake cookies for a neighbor. Send flowers to an old friend. Mail a thank you note to your pediatrician. Give up your weekly (daily?) latte and donate that money to a cause. Go through your baby stuff and pass it on to someone who could use it. Pick up trash in your neighborhood. Visit the local senior center. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Offer to help in your children’s Sunday school class.

Really, the possibilities are endless, and there’s no right or wrong way to participate. I’ve heard that taking the challenge changes your life and the way you view giving, and I’m excited to see that happen in my own life. I hope you’ll join us and share your creative ideas for giving and the lessons you learn along the way.

Now, for a Few Disclaimers…

1. You’ll notice that the tagline for the challenge is “Using social media to inspire extraordinary giving…all for His glory!” I am a Christian, but Life Your Way is not a  faith-based blog. There are plenty of other writers who share about faith, and for now I believe I am called to blog about the mundane practical.

Likewise, while our hope as a team is that the 30 Day Giving Challenge will bring our God glory, you do not need to be a believer to participate. I hope you won’t let that stop you from joining the challenge because we have a chance to make a difference in our families, communities and the world this month.

On a related note, we have some incredible sponsors lined up to encourage us with giveaways along the way. The leadership team will be donating our review products to charity — and encouraging our giveaway winners to do the same — but I wanted to be upfront that many of our sponsors are faith-based companies. This was not intentional at all, but in the end, these were the companies that caught the vision for the challenge, and we weren’t going to turn them down!

2. I am worried about this challenge. We don’t have an abundance of time or money right now, and I’m a little worried that I’m going to let the team down by not fully participating in the giving challenge. I will be the one who mails a card to an old teacher, bakes cookies for a neighbor and writes a check to my favorite cause this month — because those things can be done with my crazy schedule — so when I say that you should give as you’re able, I truly mean it. Even though I don’t have time to volunteer for hours at a food bank, I’m looking forward to intentionally looking for a way to give each and every day.

So…will you join the 30 Day Giving Challenge? Read more about our vision for the challenge, the leadership team, other participating bloggers and our sponsors. Feel free to write a post on your own blog and link it on the site. Or if you’re not a blogger and want to share your ideas in the comments here, I’d love to hear them!