Join Us for a Party…A Spring Cleaning Party, That Is!

Tsh at Simple Mom will be hosting a Spring Cleaning Party the first two weeks of May, and if you’re looking for some motivation to declutter, organize and clean your home, be sure to head over for all the details on how you can participate as well as to purchase a copy of her ebook, Spring Cleaning for Normal People!

I’ll have the privilege of collaborating with Tsh to provide the “Organizing Your Way” perspective on her methods (which are fantastic, by the way!), and I’ll be decluttering, organizing and cleaning my own home as well. I can’t wait!

Hope to see you there!

As a side note, I’ve adjusted the schedule of upcoming Weekly Hot Spots so that we can all join the Spring Cleaning Party. This week we’ll be talking about Organizing Your Purse and next week we’ll start our Maximizing Your Kitchen Space series. We’ll pick up in mid-May with Media Storage and some more Kitchen posts.