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Keep Track of Your Tribe with a Family GPS App

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Just on the heels of the tragedy in New York, where a 9-year olds dismembered body was found after missing from a walk home from day camp, I discover Life360, a family GPS location App for droid and iPhone devices, and wondering if this is something we should invest in.

So many kids go missing at any given time. So many parents are frustrated because their teenage child won’t pick up their cell phone when they call. The ability to locate a child utilizing GPS at any given time can ease a parent’s worried mind.

What is Life360?

Life360 is a GPS location App that enables families to see where their loved ones are located, when they need help, and what the threats might be around them.

It creates a private family “channel” that allows real-time “Check Ins” with the tap of a button from any family member.

The Free Version of Life360 allows you to locate people that own iPhones or Android devices, locate anything with one of the Life360 GPS locator devices, and locate anyone with a standard phone.

Life360 will send you safety status alerts and even allow you to monitor the neighborhood, locate near by hospitals and police stations if necessary.
Life360 is a Free App you can download for your iPhone or Android device.

More Tracking Devices.

Another family GPS tracking app is NEER, which is also available on Android devices and the iPhone 4. NEER lets you keep track of loved one’s using their phones location tools.

While at work you can see when your child has come home from school as they check in on their phones. You can share your information privately with the people and places you choose.

If you hare having trouble tracking down some of your loved ones, then one of these apps are sure to help, and ease your mind.

Do you keep tabs on your children with a GPS tracking system?

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