Kid-Friendly iPad Cases

The following post is from Michelle of Mommy Misadventures:

source: Marcus Kwan

Kids these days are learning their colors, numbers and letters with the iPad as learning devices. But as much as I love the idea of technology being such an integral part of childhood and the learning process, the idea of my preschooler running around with an iPad makes me cringe.

If you plan on allowing your kids to use your iPad on a regular basis, consider investing on a kid-friendly case. A good case will make your iPad easier for your kids to hold and protect the device from less-than-careful handling. There are a bunch of different iPad cases available on the market that are geared towards a younger use, with bright colors and extra safety features.

Here are three of my favorites, picked for their awesome designs and age-appropriate safety features.

source: GripCase

Grip Case (GripCase)
Price starts at $29.99

Designed by a father with a two year old in mind, the GripCase is a case with a minimalist style built with child-friendly materials and is super protective. The case features handles that make it easy to hold while offering crumple zones in key areas that can protect the iPad from drops. (I highly recommend checking out this third-party demonstration of the case’s drop features. Very impressive!) Definitely a great case to check out that’s appropriate for kids of all ages (including butterfingered adults!).

source: Fisher Price

Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case (Fisher Price)
Price: $35.00

It seems like it’s never too early to let your child play on your iPad! This ultra-cute case is made specifically for babies (6 months and older) offering unique protective features such as drool and teething protection. It also comes with a selection of free learning apps. One of its most impressive features is that it offers three different ways to play, allowing your child to play with the iPad flat, set up as an easel or on a rocker base.

source: Speck

iGuy (Speck)

Price: $39.95

How cute is this iGuy stand? This top-rated EVA foam case comes in three colors, is drop-tested and be used as a freestanding unit that makes watching videos a breeze. Its easy to grip, soft arms are perfect for little hands.

When Accidents Happen

No matter what case you get for your iPad, kids will be kids and accidents can still happen. Consider either an extended warranty or insurance to help protect your investment.  Apple offers AppleCare+ for $99 which covers your iPad for two years after the original purchase date. AppleCare+ is an extended warranty and covers hardware failures (including battery) and accidental damage. If you have a mobile (3G or 4G) enabled iPad, you may want to check with your mobile provider to see if they offer any insurance which typically covers hardware failure as well as lost or stolen devices.

AppleCare+and most mobile provider coverage must be purchased within 30 days of buying your new iPad. If you bought your iPad over a month ago,  try a third-party insurance carriers that can insure your iPad like GoCare  and Ensquared. Premiums typically run $100 for two years of coverage, with a $50 to $150 deductible, depending on the type of claim. Ask your prospective insurance carrier directly for more details.

Do you let your kids use your iPad? What type of case do you use?

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