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Kitchen Gadgets that Help Make Meal Prep a Breeze

We know that a mother’s responsibilities are countless and exhausting; it’s a never-ending loop of cleaning, washing, kid’s time, and cooking. What about a working mom’s responsibilities? They must be very hectic and overwhelming, especially single moms. However, thanks to technology, nowadays, one of the tasks will be very easy and quick for you as a mom. The long hours you spend on meal preparations are turning into minutes with these affordable gadgets that we’ve gathered here for you.

Chopping Gadgets

Let’s start with the first thing you do when planning for a meal; you put all the veggies in front of you, prepare a knife and start cutting, then you take time throwing the seeds and peel in the basket. You wouldn’t need all this time with a chopping board with storage, where you can easily peel and throw at the same time. Another chaotic thing you face while chopping is cutting herbs; they take a long time to be cut. That is why it’s best to have herb scissor with five blades that would chop all herbs in no time.

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Storage Containers

Whether you’re preparing salads or lunch meals, you need to have handy containers to store them, especially if you’re making your family’s weekly meals. You can prepare four or five make-ahead meals using a food sealer, which is not a bad idea. Yet another perfect storage gadget is a glass storage container set, which is a great substitute for plastic ones because they don’t release chemicals and are easy to heat using an oven or a microwave. Also, if you want to store more than one item in a meal, then divided glass containers would be the best to use.

Non-Stick Divided Grill

Speaking of divided gadgets, this one is a miraculous money and time saver. You can cook a whole meal at once, and you get to make those one-pot recipes, instead of using multiple pots and pans. A non-stick divided grill gives you the luxury of sautéing vegetables and grilling chicken or salmon or both! It goes further than that; you’ll literally wash one grill instead of three, and we all know washing oily greasy grills isn’t fun at all.

Measuring Sets

Since you’re a mom, you’re probably looking up recipes online, and those recipes have measurements in every ingredient. So just a small tip, if you want to make delicious meals, it’s best to stick to those measurements; there’s no need to use your sixth sense at this point. For this purpose, you need to have measuring cups and spoon sets; we don’t want to leave any chances to unappetizing meals. You might also be interested in a digital scale for those recipes using grams and ounces.

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Cooking a meal on normal days isn’t specifically an easy task, so we understand how preparing 4-5 meals a week can be a struggle every mom goes through, especially for big families. That is why using these gadgets will save a lot of effort and give you some spare time to do something else for yourself or enjoy some quality family time.