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101 Days of Christmas: Knit Baby Santa Hat

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Over the summer, my girls became obsessed with fiber crafts — knitting, crocheting, embroidering, cross-stitching, etc. My mom got our 6-year-old a set of round looms so that she could participate, and she quickly knit her first hat.

She used the child size hat loom, leaving the baby size unused, and I couldn’t wait to try it myself so that I could make Jackson a Santa hat. I really love having a baby at Christmastime, and “Baby’s 1st Christmas” outfits (and onesies!) are always so much fun, so I figured a warm knit hat would be the perfect accessory to match the various outfits we have for the holidays.

I found this soft and fluffy yarn at WalMart and got to work, and I was surprised at how quickly it went. In no time, I had the hat ready to go, and then — of course — I had to add a pompom for the finishing touch!

Rather than trying to describe the process in words, I figured it’d be easier to share a how-to video, and I thought this one did the best explaining the process. The only difference is because the yarn I used was already so thick, I did not use a double strand of yarn like she does in the video:

Simple enough for a 6-year-old, but still fun if you’re an adult!

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