Getting on Top of the Laundry: How I Do It

source: Auzigog
source: Auzigog

After many years of trying, I finally have a laundry system that I’m decently happy with, although I’ll admit I don’t always get the laundry put away right away.

I try to wash a load of laundry on most days, although sometimes I skip a day and make up for it by doing two loads the next day. I’ve pretty much gotten into the habit of getting them washed, dried and folded right away, but there are times when the folded laundry piles up on the kitchen counter just waiting to be put away. (I can’t deal with clean laundry in baskets – it gives me anxiety!)

We keep the girls’ clothes in the laundry room, so I put those away and my sweet hubby usually puts our clothes away.

Although it’s not perfect, I’m happy that we at least get them clean, dried and folded in a timely manner. Hopefully getting on top of putting them away is next!

What does your laundry system look like? Are you happy with your system? Have you made any changes this week?