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Make the Most of Your Home with Unused Spaces

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tiny nursery

Our home is the perfect size for our family: at about 1,800 square feet, it’s not too big and not too small.

But our nursery? Formerly known as the master bedroom closet, it’s pretty tiny! A skinny wardrobe in the corner holds the baby’s clothes (and at two-and-a-half years old, she is still my baby), and that leaves room for the crib and not much else.

tiny nursery storage

One of the ways we make the most of this space is by storing extra sheets and blankets under the crib. We originally kept those in a plain cardboard box, but it took just a few minutes to cover the box in the leftovers from the fleece I used to make her sheets. The end result was a cute, coordinating “basket” that didn’t cost me anything extra!

Unused Space Throughout Your Home

This same idea holds true no matter what size your home is. From a 200 square-foot studio to a 3,800 square-foot beach house, making the most of unused space is a good way to not only increase storage but also make things more accessible.

Here are more ideas from Apartment Guide to help you utilize unused space around your home:

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How do you make the most of unused space in your home?

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