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Make Your Home More Attractive — Both to You and Potential Buyers

It’s a fact that most people who buy a home will end up buying either a larger or a smaller one depending on the changes going on in their lives. Thankfully, there are ways to make your home an attractive purchase to buyers, even in an economy where home sales are much harder to achieve. 

Revamping Your Kitchen 

Upgrade Kitchen
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Homeowners spend many hours in the kitchen preparing meals. It’s also a place where members of your immediate family often congregate. Kitchen upgrades will improve not only the resale value of your home but also make it convenient and desirable for you while you live there. 

Regular Maintenance 

Part of owning a home is the constant need for maintenance. Many appliances need annual servicing, as well as the home’s structure, too. Doing things such as repairing (or replacing) the roof and gutters and having an annual service on your furnace, chimney, and even your washer and dryer will ensure that they run efficiently and reduce the possibility of having an appliance falter or cause other damages. When potential buyers look at homes, how the current homeowner maintains that home plays into the home’s overall value. As an added bonus, tending to these items will, in the end, cost you less.   


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Curb appeal is something that undeniably adds value to your home. A well-manicured property means that the person looking at your home will have very little to think about when it comes to tending to the property surrounding your home. When narrowing their search down to a few homes, a potential buyer will weigh that into the equation. Having a beautifully landscaped property not only makes it attractive, but it also tells a buyer that you care about your home and, as such, they will want to see what the inside looks like as well. 

Updating Doors and Windows 

When looking to purchase a home, it’s not just about the home’s location and size; it’s also about the cost of the utilities. Older windows and doors allow air to enter and escape. This is bad in all seasons. That means in the summer your cooling costs are higher. And, in the colder months, your heating costs will be increased. In addition, maintaining a comfortable indoor environment in every room is almost unachievable. Thankfully, you can fix this. By replacing outdated and inefficient doors and windows, you’ll lower your heating and cooling costs and be more comfortable regardless of the time of year. 

Inexpensive Changes 

Not every change you make to your home to improve the resale value needs have an expensive price tag attached. There are many ways to put your home at the top with regard to the purchase price in your area. Today, many people use staging as a way of getting their asking price without going into debt to achieve it. Decluttering your home by removing large pieces of furniture and redesigning it to resemble that of a minimalist before the first showing can make a smaller home feel much larger. In addition, adding a fresh neutral color to the walls, updating the lighting, and the bathroom and kitchen fixtures will all be used to present a clean and kept home. 

Leave Little for a New Homeowner to do 

When a person walks into a home, they want to envision themselves living there. They also want to avoid having to layout a lot of money to make costly repairs. One way to increase the value of your home is to update appliances. Large ticket items such as the home’s heating and cooling system are not something that a potential buyer wants to have to replace within the first couple of years after moving in.

Your home is an investment that can either pay dividends when it’s time to leave or cost you dearly. By maintaining it and making necessary upgrades, you’ll be able to make money from your initial investment.