Make Your Own 3D Images with Roxio 3D Photo Creator

roxio 3d photo creatorHave you ever watched a 3D movie or looked at a 3D image and wished you could bring the same sort of technology home?

No? Well, to be honest, I hadn’t either, mostly because I didn’t even realize it was possible!

However, Roxio emailed me and invited me to try their 3D Photo Creator, which lets you take regular 2D photos or side-by-side photos to create your own 3D photo gallery.


I 3D’d the picture above in under 5 minutes and then sent it off to my mom and step-dad to preview (since I forgot all about the 3D glasses and they happen to have a pair from the latest Shrek movie). My step-dad’s response? “That works awesome.”

It would be fun to make a 3D photo wall in your home (you could even keep some extra 3D glasses handy for visitors) or to print a 3D photo book for your kids.

Download your free trial today, and don’t forget to pick up a pair of 3D glasses for the full effect!

What would you do with 3D photos?

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