Make Your Own Washable Paint from Chalk {A Guest Post from My 8 Year Old}

Make Your Own Washable Paint from Chalk {A Guest Post from My 8 Year Old}

How to Make Homemade Chalk Paint

My 6- and 8-year-old daughters began experimenting with making their own chalk paint yesterday using little stubs of chalk that were too hard to color with. My husbandsuggested” that I might want to have them move the experiment outside next time, but they had a ton of fun making paint — more fun than they actually did painting with it, truthfully — and the mess was relatively easy to clean up!

My sweet 8-year-old was just SURE that I needed to share this tutorial on my blog, so I asked her to write it up for you. Please welcome Dylan to the blog:

I like making my own paint because then I can choose the color! My favorite colors are pink, blue, red, and light green. Make your favorite colors!

How to Make Homemade Chalk Paint

This is how you make your own paint.

Materials needed to make it:

  • chalk (the colors you want)
  • water
  • a jar or a bowl
  • something you can stir it with
  • paint brush


Put the chalk in the bowl or jar.

Put some water in it.

Then start crushing it until it looks smooth. (If it doesn’t look like enough water, add a little bit more until it looks like enough.)

Test the colors that you make.

Then start painting!

What experiments have your kids come up with on their own?

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  1. Dylan, I love the pink color you chose here. We always have stubs of chalk sitting around that are impossible to write with. I’ll have to collect them all and see if the kids want to make paint this weekend. Do you think it will work to paint our sidewalk with it? p.s. Magnus says hi!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Dylan! What a creative idea, I can’t wait to try this with my kids.

  3. Wow Dylan, you actually make blogging seem too easy! I love how you took the time to write every step with details. Even I can follow that! 🙂 I’ll be waiting for our next post! <3

  4. Hola! Thank you. I can’t wait to come to Florida and see you!

  5. Let us know what colors you make!

  6. I think that probably would work. Hi Magnus!

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